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Returns, Warranties and Exchanges

By Randi Rogers | Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 at 5:05 PM

Returns, Warranties and Exchanges

At Comp-Tac our mission is to produce the highest quality products, at the best possible price, in the quickest amount of time and with outstanding customer service. We do our best but sometimes customers want to return, exchange or have a warranty claim. In those cases Comp-Tac has a policy to help our customers as best we can.

Exchanges & Returns:

• Comp-Tac offers a “30 Day No BS” Guarantee! You may return an item for refund or exchange if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.
• If a refund is chosen, you will receive the purchase price of the item excluding any shipping or handling charges.
• The difference on exchanged items will be added or refunded to your original order minus the shipping and handling charges.
• The customer is responsible for return shipping fees.
• To return a product or exchange a product, please call Comp-Tac Customer Service at  281-209-3040 to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA). This helps Comp-Tac track your package and process it as quickly as possible.
• Packages sent to Comp-Tac without an RMA may incur delays in processing.
• Any modification, alteration or abuse of the product will void any exchange or refund, as well as the product warranty.
• All Clearance items are not available for refund or exchange. All Custom items are also not available for refund or exchange. This includes all colored kydex items.
• *Special Note: Hybrid holsters with a leather backing may require a 20% restocking fee if the leather is deemed unsellable upon return.
• Special Note: Belt sizes 30-48 inches are stock sizes and can be refunded or exchanged. A 40% restocking fee may be required if the leather is deemed to be unsellable upon return. ALL Velcro belts are custom made and are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

• Comp-Tac warranties its products for one year from the date of purchase. Failures due to defects in materials or construction will be repaired or replaced at Comp-Tac’s discretion throughout the warranty period. Any modification, alteration or abuse of any product will void your warranty.
• *Special Note: Our warranty does not apply to custom items or shipping charges. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs and must have an RMA # issued by a Comp-Tac Customer Service Representative.

Lisa Hill



How a Comp-Tac Holster is Made

By Randi Rogers | Posted in Uncategorized on Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 at 11:04 AM

Here at Comp-Tac we put in a huge amount of tender, loving care into each and every one of the holsters that leaves our facility. It is a long process, but overall we want to make sure we provide the very best product out there. Here is how your holster comes to life.
When Comp-Tac makes a holster, we use the actual make and model of firearm when creating our design. Because of this, when a new gun comes out we have to first track one down and buy it to make a holster. For some guns this is harder than others. Once the pistol is at the shop it goes over to the ninjas in R&D who take very precise measurements to make the absolute best fitting holster on the market. When R&D gets finishes, the sales team makes it live on the website for the customers to buy.
When a customer places an order, that order flows into the system and is released into production. The holster goes through a 6 step process in the shop to turn a simple piece of Kydex into the great range gear that our customers have ordered.
After each and every product is produced, it is taken into the special Quality Assurance department. This is one of the most important steps at Comp-Tac, because each product is tested individually with the actual make and model of firearm or magazine it is made for. We fit check and inspect each holster to provide the absolute best in fit, function and ascetics.
After the completed order earns its QA approval stamp, it is lovingly carried to the shipping department where it is packaged and sent out with our traditional Comp-Tac Thank you Signature and a roll of Smarties.
To order, or find out more about Comp-Tac Products, please give us a call at 281-209-3040 or visit us at Thank you so much. Now get to the range!

David Wisby


Spartan vs. MTAC

By Randi Rogers | Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 at 8:57 AM

Many of our customers look at the Spartan holster and the MTAC holster and are not sure what the differences are. In one sentence you can say that the Spartan a more economically minded MTAC.

The major difference between the two is that the MTAC backing is constructed with two pieces of leather so all the hardware is covered. The MTAC leather is also vat dyed and sealed. The Spartan is designed with one piece of unfinished leather, so the hardware is exposed on the back and the leather might soak up sweat and get dirty easier because it is not sealed.

Comp-Tac’s Minotaur Spartan Holster

Comp-Tac’s Minotaur MTAC Holster

Both the MTAC and the Spartan have adjustable ride depth and cant with adjustable retention. They are designed to be carried behind the hip at the 4:00 position. As well as being tuckable. Both have interchangeable Kydex shells, which allow you to have one holster for all your pistols simply by changing the shell.

Basically with the Spartan you get meat and potatoes. With the MTAC you get filet mignon and truffled Yukon gold potatoes.

Michelda Haugh

Optics Ready Holsters From Comp-Tac

By Randi Rogers | Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, July 17th, 2014 at 4:10 PM

                Recently, there is a growing trend of pistol mounted optics, and more and more people running a red dot or similar optic on their every day carry gun or their competition gun. This includes such combinations as the Glock 17 or 34 with an RMR or a Smith & Wesson M&P CORE with suppressor sights and or a Leopold Delta Point. Comp-Tac knows that you still need holsters for these optic mounted guns and we have updated two of our holsters to accommodate them.

The Flatline

The Comp-Tac Flatline Holster

The International

The Comp-Tac International Holster

If you are running taller sights to compensate for a suppressor ALL Of Comp-Tac Victory Gear’s holsters allow for sights that are up to .5” high so you can have tall sights for suppressors or even taller night sights.

Give us a call at 281-209-3040, or visit for more information on sights or set up of your guns and hoslters.

David Wisby

How To Choose A Holster

By Randi Rogers | Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 at 10:36 AM

Choosing a holster for your firearm is as important as choosing the gun, but it can be difficult to know which holster might be best for your needs. When looking to buy your holster here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you choose the right one.

1)    What is the main purpose of the holster? Is this for personal/home defense, Conceal Carry, range use, competition shooting, or field carry?

The Comp-Tac International

If you are opting for a holster for competition or range use then Comp-Tac suggests that you look at our Outside the Waistband holsters. These holsters were designed to give you a fast draw, easy access and are used by many of our customers for competition shooting. I personally recommend the International Holster as it provides a clean, smooth draw and is IDPA and USPSA legal.

The International Duty Holster

If you looking for a field carry for hunting or just to wear around your farm or range I would suggest the International Duty. The International Duty offers the same smooth and fast construction of the International with the addition of a leather thumb break which is held closed by a Law Enforcement grade snap.

If concealed carry is what you are looking for, you need to ask yourself:

2)    What kind of clothing do I wear on a daily basis?

  1. If you wear more formal clothing that requires your shirt to be tucked in you will want to wear an Inside the Waistband Holster.

    The Comp-Tac CTAC

    The Minotaur MTAC

Some of our most popular Inside the Waistband holsters that offer Tuckability are our CTAC and MTAC. The CTAC is a Concealable Tuckable Adjustable Cant holster. It is all Kydex, which is great for those hot and humid climates. The MTAC is our Minotaur Tuckable Adjustable Cant holster. It is a Kydex shell with leather backing that offers all the options you need with the comfort you demand.

  1. If your clothing is more relaxed and you can wear your shirt untucked, or a cover garment, then you can choose an Inside the Waistband without Tuckability or an Outside the Waistband.

Two popular Inside the Waistband holsters that don’t offer Tuckability are the Infidel and Infidel Ultra. The Infidel is an all Kydex holster built for speedy on speedy off and the Infidel Ultra is all of that plus a comfortable leather backing.

The Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra

The Comp-Tac Infidel

If Outside the Waistband is more your style, there are some great outside the waistband options in the Gladiator and the Paddle. The Gladiator sits very close to the body and is extremely comfortable with a leather back and Kydex shell. The Paddle is a long time Comp-Tac favorite made of all Kydex with a quick on and off Paddle attachment that fits anywhere inside the waistband regardless of belt loops.

No matter what your holster needs may be, Comp-Tac has a holster for you! Remember, whether you’re competing for fun or in the fight for your life, no company offers more holsters dedicated to your victory.

Lisa H.

All Kydex Holsters Vs. Hybrid Holsters

By Randi Rogers | Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 at 11:00 AM

While working at Comp-Tac the biggest question I get asked is, which holster should I buy? If you are new to holsters, or just looking to try something different, it can be daunting to try to figure out which ones are best. One of the first choices you may face is, do you want an all Kydex holster or a leather Kydex hybrid holster?

There are many benefits of having an all Kydex holster. The smooth interior finish of the Kydex will allow your draw to be extremely fast. The all Kydex design allows for an easy one handed re-holster because the holster is rigid and holds its shape and does not collapse. Comp-Tac’s all Kydex holsters, which they are fitted to the individual pistol, are not much bigger than the actual pistol itself which can make it easier to hide if it is a concealed carry holster. The down side to the all Kydex design is the hard plastic can be uncomfortable against your skin.

Comp-Tac’s Infidel Holster, a perfect example of an all Kydex holster.

Comp-Tac’s Hybrid holsters offer supreme comfort. The back of these holsters is leather with a Kydex shell on the front. Comp-Tac’s hybrid holsters; MTAC, Spartan, and Neutral Cant, have interchangeable Kydex Shells. This allows you to use the same leather backing for more than one pistol simply by changing this shell out. However, the hybrid holsters can be wider than all Kydex holsters because the leather backing is made to one size and does not change even if you are using a smaller firearm.

The Infidel Ultra, one of Comp-Tac’s newest hybrid holster designs.

Hopefully this information can help make your choice a little easier. Comp-Tac strives to offer holsters to fit every body and everybody. If you ever have questions about holster all of our sales staff will be happy to speak with you. Give us a call at 281-209-3040 and we can assist you in getting the holster that best works for you!


Michelda Haugh

Avoiding Holster Heat Stroke

By Randi Rogers | Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 10:40 AM

One of the biggest no-nos when it comes to holster care is leaving your holster in a hot car. Your average car, left unattended, closed up and not running, will reach an interior temperature of roughly 140° Fahrenheit after just 90 minutes. This is not only dangerous for anyone who may be in your car, but this amount of heat can severely damage your holster or magazine pouch if left out.

Here’s how it works: when we make your holster here at Comp-Tac we take a flat piece of Kydex, heat it and turn it into your holster with our special equipment. When your holster gets hot in the car, it wants to return to its original state- a flat piece of Kydex. Now, because of the screws holding it together it won’t flatten out but it will do what we call a “blowout” and lose its shape and definition.

Here is an example of a healthy International Holster for a Glock 34/35.

Normally, we tell all of our customers to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave their gear in the car. Here is the problem with that; sometimes we need to leave our holster in the car. Knowing this, here are a few tips to minimize the risk of holster heat stroke.

Here is an example of the same holster after three hours in a hot car in our parking lot.

The glove box is one option. Normally, they don’t get too hot and give you a nice, lockable, out of sight place to hide your holster. If the glove box isn’t an option for you, I recommend using a nice thick pistol case/ pouch. If you have one that is relatively small you can put your holster in it and tuck it under the passenger seat out of the direct sunlight. This will insulate the holsters enough to keep you from having trouble. You can also wrap your holster in a thick towel and place it under the seat. The main thing is keeping the holster down low in the car where the cooler air settles and well out of the sun.

Here again is the same holster after a brutal 8 hours of exposure to a hot car.

The back view of the holster with 8 hours of exposure.

While the best recommendation is to keep your holster out of the car completely, these tips can help keep your gear safe from blowouts and heatstroke. Stay cool and head to that range!

David Wisby


Keeping Lines of Communication Open

By Randi Rogers | Posted in Featured Item on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 11:05 AM

Michelda Haugh

Here are Comp-Tac we do our best to make sure we communicate with our customers.  We want to hear what you are looking for now, and in the future. What pistols do you want us make holsters for? What gear do you need for competition and concealed carry?

If you are looking for something here are some ways you can let us know!

Comp-Tac Email- You are always welcome to send us an email at We check this everyday Monday through Friday and try out best to get answers sent within 24 hours.

Comp-Tac Facebook Page- If social media is more your style please follow us on Facebook!

Telephone! Here at Comp-Tac we man the phones Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Central time. We have no recordings; a live person answers the phone all day long! Please give us a call at 281-209-3040.

We want to hear what you want to see next.  Please tell us!

Care and Feeding of Your Comp-Tac Holster

By C. Osborne | Posted in Holsters, Inside Waistband (IWB), Outside Waistband (OWB), Product Maintenance on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 at 10:20 AM

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in Houston it’s starting to get hot. In Houston, when it gets hot, you can really feel that one thousand percent humidity. This can make carrying concealed a bit uncomfortable- stating it mildly.

While the weather can be hard, there are certain things that we can do to help keep our gear in tip top shape. You probably already know all about the cleaning and care of your sidearm so I will leave that alone, but your holster, what about that?

I am a big fan of the Infidel Ultra or MTAC, or any of the other Minotaur Hybrid Holsters made by us here at Comp-Tac. Leather, being a natural material, needs a little cleaning and care from time to time. One of the most effective things you can do is let your holster dry every day. When you get home and you take your gun off, set the holster somewhere that air can get around it and dry it out. This will keep your sweat from soaking through onto the pistol as you continue to wear it day in and day out. It is also a good idea to wipe the holster down with a damp cloth to get any dirt, dust, or lint that may have accumulated. If you wear your holster a lot, a monthly treatment with mink oil will keep it shiny and flexible.

While carrying concealed, you may have noticed that your hardware will move over time and may back out. This happens more in the summer months, as the temperature differential between indoors and outdoors becomes so drastic, it causes the leather backing on the holster to expand and contract making the screws back out. The best way to combat this is a little dab of blue (resettable) Loctite on the threads. I have also had good luck using white nail polish as a cheap thread locker. This will allow you to still make adjustments to the tension of the holster while holding the hardware in place.

When it comes to the all Kydex holsters, they only take a little bit of maintenance. With the all Kydex holsters, cleaning of the inside of the holster is by far the most important maintenance. I recommend wiping the holster down with a damp cloth to get any dirt, dust, or lint that may have accumulated at least once a week and really every time you use it outdoors for range work. This will reduce wear and tear to the finish on your firearm. I also recommend using the Loctite or nail polish to keep the hardware in place, as the rubber spacers can also expand and contract with variations in temperature. With the all Kydex gear I have sometimes seen surface rust when it gets really, really humid. This is a simple fix, a tiny drop of cleaner, lubricant preservant like Break-free worked into the screws, t-nuts, etc. once every month or every other month should keep this in check.

Outside of those few small steps, there isn’t much required to keep your holsters in good condition for years and years to come. I know it’s hot but …Get to the range! (And stay cool).

David Wisby

Welcome to Comp-Tac’s Newest Sales Associate: Lisa Hill!

By C. Osborne | Posted in Uncategorized on Friday, June 6th, 2014 at 1:52 PM

Lisa Hill is Comp-Tac’s newest sales associate and after 6 months she has some great thoughts to share about working at Comp-Tac Victory Gear. Welcome Lisa!

I am one of the newest additions to the Comp-Tac family and am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a growing and dynamic company.  Working at Comp-Tac gives me numerous reasons to be proud.  The owner, Gregg Garrett, began this company with the desire to manufacture the highest quality holsters and has continued to do so since the company began in 2001.  He is a “hands on” owner and can be found diligently working daily in production and R&D to ensure we deliver nothing but the best to our customers.

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