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Compare Outside the Waistband Holsters

Monday, August 29, 2016

Compare Outside the Waistband Holsters Made by Comp-Tac

 Outside the Waistband Holster Comparison

  Flatline GladiatorInternational Paddle Q Line- QB 
Made For  All Size Guns All Size Guns All Size GunsAll Size Guns  Multi-fit- Many Guns Fit in 1 Size Holster
Material  All Kydex Body-
Polymer Mounts

2 Layer Leather Back,
Kydex Shell

All Kydex Body,
Polymer Mounts
All Kydex-
Single Piece
All Kydex Body-
Polymer Mount
Carry Position 3-5:00 
Can Be Worn 
Inside or Outside
the Waistband with
Mount Clip Change
 3-5:00 3:00

3:00 with
Speed/Straight Cant
4-5:00 with FBI

Cant  15° FBI from Factory
15° Forward
No Adjustment
Straight from Factory,
FBI Forward
Not Adjustable 
Straight from Factory
Mount Style IWB Clips,
OWB Clips,
Offset Clips 
All Included
2 Leather Snap LoopsBelt Mount,
Paddle Mount,
Drop Offset
All Included
Paddle OnlyPLM Attachment,
Mount Can be Changed
Concelaed Carry Yes - IWB or fits
Close to body
Yes- Fits close to
Can be with
Heavier Cover
Can be with
Heavier Cover
Can be with
Heavy Cover
Competition Yes with OWB
 Yes Yes- Drop Offset
dependent on
sport/ class/ gender
Yes- recommended
Straight/Speed Cant
Price 69.99  80.9964.9964.9950.00 
See Details Flatline GladiatorInternationalPaddle Q Line - QB

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