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Construction Features

Comp-Tac holster designs incorporate construction techniques and end user adjustment to make some of the most comfortable, secure, and affordable holsters on the market.
We design and make all of our molds in house to provide products with better fit, finish, and more refined contours.  Your handgun will snap into place with more positive tactile feedback and the contours are designed to keep positive pressure on the handgun to hold it more securely. 
Sweat shields are standard on all of our IWB holsters to protect your handgun from perspiration and enhance their comfort.

Tension Screws

Every tension adjustment screw on Comp-Tac products is treated with re-settable loctite during the assembly process to keep the fasteners set where you want them. The T-nuts are locked into place to prevent slipping during the adjustment process. We use hex screws to adjust the tension and a hex wrench is included with every order.


Choice of Material

Let's face it... Carrying a handgun can be a real pain. We've tried to minimize the bulk and size of our gear to provide as comfortable a solution as possible, especially on our IWB products. Whereas the standard thickness of our kydex material is .125", all our IWB holsters are made from .090" sheets.  We found .090” to be the ideal thickness for our IWB holsters.  Anything thinner is prone to breakage.


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