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I don’t see my gun listed. Can you make holsters for my gun?

We keep our website updated, so if it is not listed we do not currently offer it. We strive to produce as many handgun/holster combinations as possible, but are limited by the amount of time research and development takes for each pairing.

If you have any questions or would like to add a holster/handgun combination to our request log, send us an email at


Do you have holsters for Small of Back (SOB) Carry?
We do not make a holster specifically for SOB Carry, nor do we recommend this method due to safety concerns. Experiencing a fall while wearing a firearm in a small of the back holster could cause damage to the spine.  Several of our holsters may be adjusted for small of the back carry.  

When placing your order, choose the opposite side carry of your shooting hand. For example – if you are a right hand shooter, you will choose a left hand holster. This flips the gun around so that it is facing the correct direction for an easier draw. Please keep in mind when selecting your holster that some of our holsters have a 15 degree cant, and may not be adjustable to suit your draw. If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Service.


Do you make products for left hand shooters?
Yes. All of our products are available in right or left hand versions. When we design a product, it is created for both variations.

Do you make concealed carry holsters?
Yes, all Comp-Tac holsters can be carried concealed.  Inside the Waistband (IWB) holsters are traditionally the most popular concealed carry holsters, although some customers prefer Outside the Waistband (OWB) options as well.  Our holsters are designed to meet the level of concealment you need while maintaining the performance and comfort you demand.  Your carry needs and the type of lifestyle you live (clothes, activities, body shape, etc.) will determine the ideal type of holster for you. We recommend you call our customer service department at 281-209-3040 to help you determine which holster is right for you.

Do your holsters accommodate the Crimson Trace Laser Sights for my gun?
There are two types of Crimson Trace Laser Sights – the Laser Grips and the Laser Guards. All of our holsters (except the Infidel) may accommodate the Laser GRIPS, though we offer no guarantee of fit.  At this time, none of our holsters will accommodate the Laser GUARD. We are in the process of tooling up

Do you make a holster for my 1911?
Our holsters will accommodate most MilSpec 1911s. Some 1911s on the market do not meet military specifications and are designed with alterations that prevent a correct fit.  If you are unsure whether your 1911 is MilSpec, please check with the manufacturer before ordering your holster.We have recently expanded our 1911 holster line to some SigSauer 1911s which are not MilSpec. If you would like to request other non MilSpec models please email our sales department at

Sig Sauer 226 Mark 25 Info
The Sig Sauer 226 Mark 25 is not currently compatible with our Sig 226 holsters. There was a change in the rail of the Mark 25 that is not compatible with our current holster line. We are working to resolve this issue.

Will you do custom work?

Factory Modifications (Custom Work) Offered:

Removal of Sweat Tab- If a customer would like, he or she may have the Sweat Tab of certain holsters removed.

Unmuzzling- Comp-Tac will “open” the end of any full-coverage holster to accommodate a threaded barrel if requested by a customer. 

All custom work voids the 30-day exchange and return policy. Please contact the customer service department at 281-209-3040 to get current pricing and to place an order with custom options


Is Colored Kydex a Custom Item?
Colored Kydex (Red, Pink and Digital Camo) are custom items. Comp-Tac will not accept returns, cancellations, or order changes on colored Kydex.  Colored Kydex items are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Are your holsters injection molded?
No.  All of our Kydex is hand-cut and heat treated to attain its shape. There is no injection molding used in the process.  Holster accessories like clips or mounting hardware use an injection molding process during some phases of construction.

What's the difference between your old mag pouches and the new ones?
In order to offer our customers more options and better versatility we moved from a dedicated “bullets facing forward” system to a pouch that fits your magazine correctly in either direction. We recommend  ordering a right or left handed model to keep the tension screws in a position which simplifies the draw.  The pouch may still be used on either side, as you prefer.

I lost a screw on my holster. Now what do I do?

We offer spare hardware packs for all of our products which can be found under the “Mounting Options” link on our website. 

We recommend periodically checking the tightness of the screws on all of our holsters, and using a small amount of BLUE Loc-Tite (repositionable) on each screw as it is tightened as well.

For more information, please see our blog post on this subject.

What are IWB and OWB?

One question we often get is "What do IWB and OWB stand for?"

IWB is short hand for Inside the Waistband. An IWB holster is a holster that is meant to go on the inside of your pants.

OWB is short for Outside the Waistband. An OWB is a holster that goes on the outside of the waistband.

For more information, please see our blog post on this topic.


What is the difference between the C-TAC and M-TAC?
The holster body on the C-TAC is constructed entirely of Kydex, while the M-TAC is a hybrid of Kydex and leather. Both the C-TAC and M-TAC holsters are similar in the way they attach to your belt and how they are used. Using the same clips, they give you the same range of adjustment for cant and ride height. However, please be aware that if you are used to the feeling of holstering a gun in the C-TAC, the M-TAC is going to feel different. There is only one retention dimple, due to the leather backing, but the drag of the leather will make up for the lack of the second retention dimple.

What are the differences between the various clips?

All of our clips do an excellent job in attaching your holster to your belt.  The difference comes down to the level of concealment you require.

 Standard Clip (wraps around the front of the belt and attaches to the bottom edge of your belt). Available in Black, Brown, Chestnut, or Khaki for belt sizes from 1.25” to 1.75”. 

C-Clip (attaches to the backside of the belt and is only visible via the part of the clip that wraps around the top and bottom edges of the belt).  Available in Black or Chestnut for belt sizes 1.25” to 1.75”.  The C-Clip offers the most secure attachment when using one of our Minotaur leather-backed holsters.

Velcro Clip (attaches to the inside of the belt using Velcro and remains completely concealed while you are wearing your holster).  Available in black, one size fits all.  A convenient method of utilizing this stealthy clip option is to couple it with one of our Kydex Reinforced Contour Belts with the optional Velcro lining sewn on the inside! 

 The Infidel Belt Clip – The most popular Infidel mounting choice. Single mount location, easy on/off with one hand, attaches to the top of the kydex.  This clip option is not tuckable.

 Infidel Belt Loops – Leather snap loops. Mounts in the same location as the Belt Clip, wraps around belt.  Available in black and brown.  This clip option is not tuckable.

Infidel Shirt Tucker Strut - Allows the user to tuck a shirt over the gun and holster which the other mounts do not allow. Attaches to retention screws on holster and clips around front of belt.

Infidel CTAC Strut – This is a rear strut for the Infidel Holster used for extra stability and also provides a small amount of cant adjustment. Must be used with either the Infidel Belt Clip or the Infidel Belt Loops.

 The J-Hook – Provides greater concealment than the Standard Clip.  Sits behind the belt and utilizes a J-shaped lip on the bottom which secures the Two O’ Clock holster to the bottom edge of the belt. 

The Two O’Clock Standard Clip - Single mount unit which attaches to the Two O’ Clock holster at the retention screws and clips around the front of the belt.

For more information, please see our blog post on this subject.


How do I change the body on my M-TAC Holster? The new body does not fit.

Note:  You will have to push the body upward to make the holes line up.         

To remove the Kydex body:
1)    Remove the two 5/8" tension screws and the two 3/8" retaining screws.  Set aside the screws, the cup washers, and the rubber bushings.
2)   Twist the Kydex body out of the leather backing until the t-nuts are freed.

To install the Kydex body:
1)   Insert the Kydex tab into the slot in the leather backing.  Maneuver the Kydex body until the t-nuts in the Kydex body are visible through the holes in the leather backing.  If this cannot be accomplished, remove the Kydex body, pry the leather slot so that it will allow for easier entry, and try again.
2)   Put one of the 3/8" screws on the hex wrench, put a cup washer on the screw (smooth side towards screw head), and insert the screw into the t-nut in the Kydex body.  Turn the screw clockwise until it is firmly seated.  Repeat with the other 3/8" screw.
3)   Seat the two rubber bushings on the t-nuts in the leather backing near the trigger guard.  Rotate the Kydex body until the holes line up with the rubber bushings and t-nuts and compress the bushings to allow for easier entry.  Hold this position with one hand, and with the other insert a 5/8" screw (with a cup washer, similar to the 3/8" screws) into one of the t-nuts.  Turn the screw one full turn clockwise to ensure proper seating, and then repeat with the second 5/8" screw and washer.
4)     Tighten screws clockwise until you obtain the desired tension.  It is recommended that you test the tension with a cleared gun first without wearing the holster to get it close, and then while wearing the holster to address any issues caused by belt tension.

 For more information, please watch our instructional video on this topic.


What is the best method to adjust the tension screws on my holster?


1)    Using an unloaded firearm, check the fit of your new holster.  Be sure to disengage all safeties, (including holding down a grip safety if present) while placing the gun in the holster.  This check will ensure that there is no way the holster could inadvertently press the trigger while re-holstering.
2)   Adjust the tensioning screws a quarter turn at a time to get the desired fit and level of retention desired.  We recommend adjusting in small increments and evenly.
3)   Put your holster on in a manner in which you intend to carry and, using an UNLOADED Firearm, check the fit one final time.
4)   After completing your pre-use fit checks, re-engage all safeties and use all safe gun handling practices.

NOTE:  Your Comp-Tac holster was designed for a specific make and model of firearm.  Comp-Tac does not recommend using any other make or model than the one specified.  Comp-Tac will not be responsible for any damage or personal injury to you or your firearm that is due to the improper use of our product.

For more information, please see our blog post on this subject.


I can't get enough retention on my IWB. What do I do?
Retention on an IWB holster is different from an OWB holster. When you receive your IWB holster, do not put your gun in it and turn the holster upside down. If you do, the gun will probably fall out of the holster. The design of our IWB holsters is set up so that part of the retention is provided by your pants and belt. Please keep that in mind as you adjust the tension on your holster.

I own a firearms related business. How do I become a Comp-Tac Dealer?
We have a Dealer Information Request available on our website. Simply fill out the form (click “Continue” at the bottom of the page) to have your request sent to our Sales department. We will contact you as soon as possible with more information.

Online Orders

What's the best way to order?
Our website is the best way to place your order. You will receive email notifications about the progress of your order and automatically be entered in the monthly drawing for a free holster. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 281-209-3040.

How long will it take to complete my order?
We build to order and do not maintain a stock of any of our products. Our current production time is updated daily and is in BUSINESS days. This means your order will ship within that number of working days from the day you order it. We strive to maintain a low production time, generally the quickest in the industry. If you need your gear quicker, check with one of our dealers.The current production time is listed on our website below the logo at the upper left of the page.Orders may be expedited for an additional fee. Please contact Customer Service for current information on this process and current cost.If you need your gear quicker, check with one of our dealers.

Do I need any special information to use a gift certificate or other promotional code?
When using a gift certificate or other promotional code, please enter your code when prompted by typing in all capital letters. Using copy/paste will not work. The prompt for the code will appear on the payment selection page. Make sure to select your payment option before redeeming your code.


How will my order be shipped? Will I get a tracking number?

Comp-Tac offers several shipping options through the United Parcel Service (UPS). Various domestic shipping options and associated shipping timelines are as follows:

UPS Mail Innovations (UPS via the US Postal Service) – 7-14 Business Days
UPS Ground - 1-5 Business Days 
UPS 3-Day Select
UPS 2nd Day Air 
UPS Next Day Air

UPS Mail Innovations is a combined effort between UPS and USPS. It is the most cost-effective shipping method but will take close to two weeks for delivery. For quicker delivery, please choose a UPS-only shipping method.A tracking number will be emailed to you after your purchase. Depending on the shipping option chosen it may take up to 72 hours to receive your tracking number.

Shipping to PO Boxes: Comp-Tac will continue to ship to PO and APO/FPO Boxes using UPS Mail Innovations.  All shipments using this method are limited to a total weight of 1 lb. or less, which normally equates to a holster and magazine pouch or a pair of holsters.  Tracking for this option will not be available outside of the U.S.If you have questions on shipping , please contact Customer Service at 281-209-3040.


Will you ship internationally?
We can ship orders internationally. Depending on the weight of the shipment and your desired delivery time frame, your parcel will be shipped using either UPS International Express, UPS International Expedited, or UPS Mail Innovations.  Tracking is available for all options except UPS Mail Innovations.

What about shipping to Canada?
We will ship to Canada via any of the methods listed at the end of Checkout. The shipping option listed as “Canada Standard” will ship through UPS. Due to certain trade agreements between the United States and Canada, shipping via UPS will incur an import duty that will be charged at the time of pick-up or delivery by UPS. Shipping via Mail Innovations will not incur an import duty, though a tracking number will not be available and it may extend your delivery time considerably.

Your website did not ask for my payment information before confirming the order. What do I do?
You must confirm your order before the system will ask for payment. This ensures that you are receiving a complete total, including all items, extra charges (if applicable), and shipping & handling. Once you have confirmed the order, you will be asked to enter a credit card via, or to enter your Paypal information.

May I pick up my order or try different holsters at Comp-Tac?
We currently do not have a storefront for customers to review products or pick up orders. We recommend visiting your local Comp-Tac Dealer where they can assist you in finding the product that meets your needs.

Cancellations & Returns

May I change or cancel my order?
Orders in the "Pending" status may be cancelled or changed at any time. Orders in the status of "In Production" will be charged a change or cancellation fee to cover material and handling expenses. Please ensure your order is correct before you submit your order and contact us immediately if there are any changes. To make a change or cancellation without a fee, you MUST call in before 10am of the first business day after the order is placed.

What if I don’t like my holster?
We have a thirty day return policy on all products, with a full refund or credit of the purchase price (less any shipping and handling charges). For full details see our Exchange/Return policy.


I selected credit card in the billing section. Where do I put my Credit card information?
For your security, we do not accept or store any credit card information on our website. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions and confirmed your order on our website, you will be redirected to is a third party secure credit card authorization website and is where you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

My card was declined. Why does my bank statement show a pending transaction?
When an attempt is made on to authorize a credit card and it is declined, a transaction will still post on your card statement. This is a fraud precaution for your safety. Once the information bounces back from to your card issuer stating that the transaction is declined, the pending transaction will drop.

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