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Infidel Holster with Laser

The Infidel is now available for your pistols with Lasers attached!  This holster is not designed to be used without the laser attached.

The Infidel Holster with laser has a modular design, allowing the user to order only the mounting hardware they desire. The holster is inside the waistband with a 15 degree forward cant, and can be configured to with a Infidel Belt Clip, Infidel Belt Loops. The Infidel with Laser comes with the Infidel Belt Clip in 1.5" or 1.75".  The Belt loops can be purchased separately under the Holster Parts and Hardware section. 

Note: The "Slide" version allows you to use one holster for similar guns of different lengths (such as Glock 9mm, .40, and .357's). The Slide is typically slightly longer than the shortest gun of the series, and left open so the excess barrel length on longer guns can "slide" through the end of the holster. A "Full-Coverage" version can be ordered by selecting your specific gun model.

The Infidel for Light for the Ruger LCP or S&W M&P Shield with Viridian R5 has a magnet installed to turn on laser during draw and turn off during re-holster.  For questions please call Comp-Tac Customer Service at 281-209-3040. 


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