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International Holster with Light or Laser | Comp-Tac Gear


The International with Light offers customers the chance to carry their firearms with light with the Internationals ability to change mounting options from a belt holster, belt drop offset holster, paddle holster and paddle drop offset holster into one.  The modular mounting system combines the versatility of different mounting options with the superior Kydex holster that Comp-Tac is known for. 

Mounting Configurations:
The International with Light or Laser comes set up as a belt holster. The two additional mounting options will be included in your package. 

Belt Mount: The Belt mount is the most popular holster among competition shooters, a secure hold that is designed with a curve to fit comfortably on the hip. The Belt Mount will accommodate either a 1.5” or 2” wide belt. Once belt width is widened to 2” it cannot be changed back.  

Paddle Mount: The Paddle Mount is the answer to anyone who wears many different styles of pants. You no longer will have trouble feeding the holster around your belt loops. The paddle slips over the belt and inside the waistband for a comfortable, secure fit that is quick and easy to put on or take off. With vents in the paddle portion this is a cool and comfortable option.

Drop-Offset: Comp-Tac has worked for years on the best way to fit each person’s shape and size. The drop offset is the answer. The Drop-Offset piece is specifically designed to help set the pistol away from the body and drop it to a lower position for a more comfortable draw. Designed with a cross brace to keep stable during the draw, the Drop-Offset is ideal for lady shooters whose waist and hip measurements may make proper holster fit a challenge.

Cant: The holster is designed with 8 mounting holes which allow it to be configured for a straight/speed draw, an FBI cant, or a cross draw rearward cant. Easily changeable, the holster is compatible with many mounting systems offered by other holster manufacturers.

Belt Width: The mounting system will accommodate 1-1/2” up to 2" belts. Please note that the mounting system initially accommodates a 1-1/2" belt width, but may be configured to accommodate up to a two inch belt. On the Belt Mount there is a removable tab, once this tab has been removed, it does not reattach. On the Paddle Mount, the belt under-hook may be cut at the trim line, and the top portion removed to accommodate up to a 2" belt. Sandpaper may be used to deburr the area after removal.

NOTE: The International is IDPA legal in certain configurations.
For Women: Legal in all configurations.
For Men: Not legal with drop-offset. Only legal in belt or paddle attachment.

The International is USPSA legal for both genders in all configurations for production, limited and limited-10. The International cannot be worn as a drop offset in Single Stack.

The Glock 17 with X300 will also fit the Glock 22 with X300 and 31 with X300.
The Smith & Wesson with TLR-2 will also fit the TLR-1.
The International w/ Light for the Ruger LCP with Viridian R5 has a magnet installed to turn on laser during draw and turn off during re-holster.
The International with TruGlo options are Slide holsters and can be used with all lengths of pistols in calibers 9/40/357.
For questions please call Comp-Tac Customer Service at 281-209-3040. 


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