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Drawing From a Comp-Tac Holster

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Not sure how to draw from a tuckable holster? Check out this simple "How To" guide on the draw.

When you make the choice to carry concealed it is important to get proper training and practice so you can handle your equipment safely and effectively. There are numerous concealed carry classes which help teach concealed carry laws and firearms use, but one area that is sometimes forgotten is learning to draw from your concealed carry holster.

The draw is one of the most important aspects of handgun self defense. If done well, it can be the difference between life and death.  When first practicing the draw it is a good idea to practice with an empty firearm until the skill is mastered. Learning how to properly draw from a holster can be broken into a multi-step process for easy learning. Once you have mastered the steps, they can be combined into one fluid motion.

Step 1: Establish the Grip

  •     Seat the pistol firmly in the webbing of your hand (between your thumb and pointer finger) underneath the pistol’s beavertail.
  •     Position your hand high onto the grip so all of your fingers are on the grip of the gun. Wrap your fingers around the grip, and point the thumb forward along the slide.
  •     Grip the firearm firmly to allow for a strong but steady draw motion, but don’t strangle or crush the firearm.
  •     ALWAYS keep the trigger finger extended and away from the trigger until you have the pistol sighted on your target.

Step 2: Removing the Pistol from the Holster

  •     Pull the pistol straight up out of the holster. It is important to pull straight up so the firearm moves smoothly out of the holster and doesn’t drag or bind.
  •     Keep your elbow pointed back and simply move the forearm straight up to remove the pistol. Do not rotate the elbow out creating a “wing”. If the elbow rotates the gun will twist causing drag and bind in the holster.
  •     Keep your support hand away from the holster. Do not hold the holster down or you may sweep your support hand with the muzzle.

Step 3: Extending to the Target

  •     Keep your support hand near your chest and bring firearm to support hand to complete master grip.
  •     Extend the pistol until arms are almost locked in a straight smooth motion.
  •     Align sight picture, place finger on trigger when ready to fire.

Drawing From a Tuckable Holster

Drawing from a tuckable holster, or one which permits a shirt to be tucked in over the gun such as the Minotaur MTAC holster and the CTAC holster, provides a new set of challenges to an effective draw.  To draw from a tuckable holster you must follow the steps above AFTER you have pulled your shirt out of the way.

Moving a Tucked in Shirt to Allow Drawing

  •     To untuck a shirt, reach across your body and pull up the shirt with your support hand.
  •     You should grab your shirt as low and close to the holster as possible to move the most amount of fabric out of the way.
  •     After you have pulled your shirt up, keep holding the shirt until the firearm is 100% clear of the holster to avoid catching during the draw.
  •     When the gun is clear of the holster, let go of the shirt and establish two handed grip, being careful not to cover your support hand with the muzzle.

Drawing from a Concealed Carry Holster while wearing a Jacket Style Cover Garment

If a jacket is being worn over the shirt, you can use the dominant hand to move the jacket out of the way. Slide your dominant hand between your body and the jacket keeping your palm toward your body. Using the back of your hand slide the jacket back until your palm can grip the firearm and proceed with the previously mentioned draw steps once the grip is established.

While each handgun instructor has his or her own specific methods of reinforcing the perfect draw and each shooter’s draw motion will differ, remembering these basic steps will help you comfortably draw from your concealed carry holster.


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