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Single Magazine Pouch PLM | IDPA & USPSA approved | Comp-Tac


The Single Magazine Pouch PLM is sold by size.

The most popular makes and models will be in the list above, please see table for additional make/model/size information.

19111911 9mm/40/45 Single Stack 1HKVP4023
ArsenalStrike 111HK VP923
Beretta92/96/M911KahrCW .451
BerettaPX-4 Storm 9mm/4024KahrK .451
BrowningHi- Power 9mm/4011KahrMK .451
Colt.45 Single Stack 1KahrP .451
CZ75/8511KahrPM .451
CZP-0121Kimber.45 Single Stack 1
FMK9C1G211Sig1911 GSR1
Glock.45 Double Stack5SigP226 .40/35711
Glock.45 GAP4SigP226 9mm11
HKHK4520SigP229 .40/35712
HKP200023SigP229 9mm11
HKP2000SK23SigP320/ P250 9mm/.4012
HKP3023SpringfieldXD 9mm/4011
HKP30L23SpringfieldXDM 9mm/4024
HKUSP Compact .40 Steel/ .45 Steel10SpringfieldXD-S .451
HKUSP Compact 9 Poly/ .45 Poly10SWM&P 9mm/40/35712
HKUSP Full Size .40 Steel23SWM&P Shield 9mm/4019
HKUSP Full Size 9 Steel23WaltherPPQ 9mm/.4011

The Comp-Tac single magazine pouch- PLM is an outside the waistband holder to carry a spare magazine for competition, concealed carry or general use.

The Comp-Tac single magazine pouch is made of Kydex which provides a smooth, low friction surface for a easy, fast, one-handed magazine removal. The Kydex body will not bend or stretch over time and is impervious to sweat and solvents. Complete with a tension adjustment screw the pouch allows you to carry your magazine securely while still easy to access.

The Comp-Tac Single Magazine Pouch- PLM is IDPA, USPSA, 3 Gun and IPSC legal.

The Single Magazine Pouch- PLM; push-button mount, detaches with ease. The PLM offers an exceptional balance of easy attachment and secure hold through a one-of-a-kind locking mechanism. By sliding the push button horizontally the attachment will lock securely.

The PLM provides an internal width adjustment bar that allows for adjustment from 1/4” to 2 1/4”. With 9 mounting holes, The PLM can be attached to any number of products and allow for cant adjustability up to 270°. Made of high quality durable polymer nylon the PLM will withstand the most rigorous tests while continuing to be gentle on belts and clothing.

NOTE: These magazine pouches are reversible allowing the customer to carry their magazine with the bullets facing forward or rearward. If you order a Right Side Carry (Left handed Shooter) the retention screw will be toward the rear of the body when carried on the user’s right side.

Mag Size MakeModelMag SizeMakeModel
119111911 9mm/40/45 Single Stack 11ArsenalStrike 1
Colt.45 Single Stack Beretta92/96/M9
KahrCW .45BrowningHi- Power 9mm/40
KahrK .45CZ75/85
KahrMK .45FMK9C1G2
KahrP .45SigP226 .40/357
KahrPM .45SigP226 9mm
Kimber.45 Single Stack SigP229 9mm
Sig1911 GSRSpringfieldXD 9mm/40
SigP220WaltherPPQ 9mm/.40
SpringfieldXD-S .4512RugerSR9
3KahrCW .40SigP228
KahrCW 9mmSigP229 .40/357
KahrK .40SigP320/ P250 9mm/.40
KahrK 9mmSWM&P 9mm/40/357
KahrMK .4019SWM&P Shield 9mm/40
KahrMK 9mm20HKHK45 (NOT USP .45)
KahrP .4021CZP-01
KahrP 9mmCZSP-01
KahrPM .4023HKP2000
KahrPM 9mmHKP2000SK
SigP239 .40/357HKP30L
SigP239 9mmHKUSP Compact .40 Steel
SigP290HKUSP Compact 9 Steel
SigP938HKUSP Full Size .40 Steel
4Glock.45 GAPHKUSP Full Size 9 Steel
5Glock.45 Double StackHK VP9
24BerettaPX-4 Storm 9mm/40
SpringfieldXDM 9mm/40


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