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Twin Magazine Pouch- Paddle

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The Comp-Tac Twin Magazine Paddle pouch is an outside the waistband holder that carries two magazines attached together. Designed to be worn at 9:00 for a right handed shooter this is an excellent way to carry more ammunition for competition or recreational shooting.

The Comp-Tac Twin Magazine Paddle Pouch provides a rigid material that is custom fit to each magazine and maintains its shape even with the magazine removed. The smooth low friction surface allows for a fast magazine removal and easy one-handed insertion of the magazine. The Kydex body will not bend or stretch over time and is impervious to sweat and solvents. Each magazine pouch is tension adjustable allowing for a perfect fit for each magazine.

The Paddle attachment is the fastest attachment system available. The paddle allows you to slide the holster on while you belt is already threaded through the loops. The paddle backing curves over the belt and pants so the paddle portion sits inside your waistband. There are two forward curving tabs that “grab” on to the bottom of your belt to help stabilize the magazine pouches keeping the pouches in position while removing the magazine. The paddle can be worn with any pants regardless of where your pants loops are. Quick to put on or take off the paddle can also fit belts up to 2” in width.

The magazines on the twin paddle pouch are spaced perfectly to allow easy access of each magazine for a quick and fast reload.

The Twin Magazine Paddle Pouch is IDPA, USPSA and IPSC legal.

Comp-Tac makes our Twin Magazine Paddle Pouch to hold the magazines with BULLETS FACING FORWARD. If you want to have the bullets face rearward, please order the magazine pouch for the opposite side you plan to carry it on.


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