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Moleskin to Improve Holster Comfort | Comp-Tac

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Moleskin is a synthetic cloth material often used in the medical field. Each sheet of Moleskin is cut into a 7"x9" rectangle, big enough to easily cover the back of any of our holsters. This material is closely woven cotton that has been sheared down to create a silky texture similar to a mole's fur. When applied to the back of a holster, the Moleskin reduces any texture or friction and creates an even more comfortable carry solution.

Directions to Install On Holster:

1.) Clean the area of your holster where the Moleskin will be applied of any debris or dust. (For Kydex holsters, simply wipe down with rubbing alcohol. On a leather holster, clean with Saddle Soap and allow to dry before applying Moleskin.) 

2.) Lay the Moleskin fabric-side down to trace the holster or area that you want covered.

3.)  Once your area is traced, cut it out. The Moleskin is very thin so you will not need special scissors to cut it.

4.) Peel the backing off of the Moleskin. You will notice that the adhesive is very tacky so be sure not to let the Moleskin stick to itself!

5.)  Align the Moleskin exactly where you want it before applying to the area you want covered.

6.)  If the Moleskin sticks off the edges, trim any excess off before wearing.

7.) Enjoy your holster with even more comfort than before!

NOTE: This product is sold by the sheet. We do not apply the Moleskin for you.


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