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My EDC- David Wisby

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Every Day Carry Items of David Wisby, Salesman for Comp-Tac

David Wisby's EDC Gear

Most of you reading this probably carry a bunch of stuff with you everywhere you go, everyday no matter what. Here is what I carry and Why I carry it. 

  • Pistol: S&W M&P 4.25” in 9mm with Truglo TFX’s and an Apex Duty Carry AEK. This is carried in a Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Holster (of course).

    • If I a have to defend myself or loved ones, I want a lot of bullets. This was the first pistol I ever bought and it’s still a good one. The M&P really fits my hands well. I changed the sights to night sights. 

  • Holster- Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max (of course)

    • I love the feel of the leather backing and it is so easy to put on and off I can carry it everyday. It has been so comfortable I regularly fall asleep on it. 

  • Spare Mag

    • Most of what I seen in my research is when a firearms fails it’s the ammunition or the magazine. Both of those conditions can be remedied by changing the magazine.

  • Pocket Knife

    • This is a Gerber Mini Covert my father gave me this knife when I was 17 and it’s been my single most useful tool ever since.

  • Pen and Notebook

    • I like the Chrome Bullet Fisher Space Pen because of its small size and compact.  I use a small lined notebook that I got for cheap at the local shop. I wasn't sure I needed a notebook until one day I was involved in a traffic accident.  I was able to take down all of the information I was being given while on the phone with my insurance company. It was really handy. 

  • Handkerchief

    • Laugh all you want. Do you know how much more dignified you look mopping your brow or wiping your nose with a handkerchief instead of a sleeve? The answer is, very. To quote Nick Offerman, “You should always have your hanky.”

  • Key Bar

    • I highly recommend this piece of a equipment. It’s essentially a pocket knife that you load your keys into. This eliminates the big ball of keys in your pocket, or the big jingly ring of keys on your belt.

  • Coin

    • Pure luck. It is a 90% silver 1963 Ben Franklin half Dollar. My favorite founding father.

  • Lip Balm, Sun Glasses, Phone

    • Lip Balm: I’m prone to chapped lips and sunburn. Also, when it’s cold and windy and your hands are totally trashed and chapped, nothing will clear that up as fast as cheap gas station lip balm.

    • Sun Glasses: I have light eyes so I never go anywhere without my Ray Bans.

    • Phone: Its 2016, you can’t go anywhere without one.

  • Ear Buds

    • These are probably the best investment I have ever made. I like them for various reasons, they just make me happy. 

  • Comp-Tac's EDC Wallet

    • This is something special from Comp-Tac. The EDC Wallet allows you to carry your cash cards, drivers license and carry permit around your neck instead of in your pocket. Or if you choose to remove your lanyard and carry this wallet in the back pocket. It’s so slim it won’t hurt your back.

All of this stuff is what I use on a daily basis. Some of it is designed to keep my family and I safe, some of it just because it makes life easier. What is your EDC? 


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