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Minotaur Spartan Holster
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Minotaur Spartan Holster

Minotaur Spartan Holster


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Minotaur Holsters
"Taming the Beast"

US Patent 7,314,152


Comp-Tac is pleased to offer gear made by Minotaur Holsters, a new company specializing in Kydex/leather hybrid holsters. These holsters combine the speed and one-handed reholstering capability of Kydex with the comfort of leather.

The Spartan is a "meat and potatoes" economy version of the MTAC. The Spartan is tuckable, you can adjust the cant, and you can get additional Kydex half-bodies for different weapons, all like the MTAC. It's not as pretty, and the fasteners aren't covered, but it'll save you a few dollars.The Minotaur Spartan uses the same clips as the CTAC and the MTAC. Additional Kydex bodies can be ordered (Spare Minotaur Bodies) but they are NOT the same as those used on the Gladiator and MTAC holsters.

This holster utilizes the same Kydex clips as seen on the Comp-Tac CTAC holster, which allow you to adjust the cant. With the clips offset from the holster body, the holster disappears when you tuck your shirt between the holster and your pants.

The "Slide" version allows you to use one holster for similar guns of different lengths (such as Glock 9mm, .40, and .357's). The Slide is typically slightly longer than the shortest gun of the series, and left open so the excess barrel length on longer guns can "slide" through the end of the holster. A "Full-Coverage" version can be ordered by selecting your specific gun model.


Also, the Kydex half-bodies (made by Comp-Tac) are interchangeable, so you can order additional holster half-bodies to set your holster up for a different gun. Comp-Tac is currently the only authorized dealer for Minotaur Holsters. We can answer any questions regarding products made by Minotaur Holsters. We also extend our one-year warranty to any Minotaur Holsters product purchased from us. However, due to the cosmetic vulnerability of leather, we reserve the right to apply a 20% restocking fee on any returns of Minotaur holsters, at our discretion.

Standard Clips and C-Clips are available in black or chestnut, and are belt-size specific. Velcro clips, because they are hidden behind the belt, are only available in black and are one-size fits all. For more information on the clips, please see the Mounting Options page.


We fit check EVERY holster with the actual make and model firearm ordered. As a result, the leather backing may show slight wear marks or scratches from the fit process. 

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