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Paddle Holster
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Paddle Holster

Paddle Holster


Additional cost depends on options selected

  • Worn on the hip (3 o'clock position)
  • Rides close to the body
  • Easy on/off
  • Very fast draw stroke
  • IDPA/USPSA Legal

The Paddle Holster is our number one best selling outside the waistband (OWB) holster and is used for both concealment and competition. In fact, it is the most popular holster in IDPA and has been used by several national IDPA champions. Our Paddle Holster is the closest (to the body) riding holster available on the market. The paddle backing allows limitless positioning on the waistband without interference from belt loops.

How It Works
    The paddle backing curves over the belt and pants so the paddle portion actually sits inside your waistband. There are two forward-curving tabs (see photo below) that “grab” on to the bottom of your belt to help stabilize the holster while still inside the waistband. This model is fast and convenient to put on or remove throughout the day all while keeping the pistol securely holstered.

Available Cants
    The Paddle Holster is available with one of two cants. One option is with a Speed (Straight Drop) cant; this is ideal for competition use and allows for the fastest draw. The second option is an FBI (15 degree forward) cant; the FBI cant is favored for concealed carry.

Full-Coverage or Slide Version
A “Slide” version is available for select models. This version is intended for range use only!!! This is an open-ended holster made to fit a series of frames. The holster will fully cover the shortest barrel length in a series; longer barrels of the same frame will stick through the bottom of the holster. To see more info on the Slide version, click here.

Side FBI Cant  

This holster is also available in red Kydex. 


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