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V-clips are our most stealthy mounting option. They attach to the inside of your belt, leaving nothing to be seen at all!

If you decide to use your IWB holster with V-clips as your standard, everyday carry method, you would probably be well served by having the Velcro stitched to the belt. Now, you probably won't be able to convince anyone to do this by hand, but it should be an easy matter for any shoe repair shop.

Donning your new IWB holster with the V-Clip option is very simple. First, insert the pistol into the holster and slip the rig under the waistband of your trousers. Tuck your shirt in over the grip of the handgun and arrange it so that it drapes enough to properly conceal the presence of the handgun. Thread the belt through your belt loops normally, pressing the halves of Velcro together to be sure they're properly mated. Buckle the belt normally and make any final adjustments to the shirt so that everything hangs naturally.

V-Clips can be used on the MTAC, Spartan, Neutral Cant, and CTAC Holsters.

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