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Minotaur Kydex Bodies
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Minotaur Kydex Bodies


Additional cost depends on options selected

  • Interchangeable (backing specific)
  • Easy to swap out
  • Cost Efficient
  • Available for IWB Minotaur Holsters only


Minotaur offers the all-in-one solution equivalent to that of the Swiss Army Knife—Minotaur Kydex Bodies. Their inside the waistband (IWB) holsters feature an interchangeable Spare Body that can be swapped out to fit all of your favorite handguns. Save money in the long run with this fast and convenient solution to having a well-designed holster for each pistol.

How It Works
Each Kydex Body is designed to align to a specific universal backing (MTAC, Spartan, or Neutral Cant).  There is a dimple in the trigger guard that helps retain the pistol once holstered. When the retention is tightened, rubber spacers below the trigger guard are compressed. This adds more pressure to the dimple and thus more pressure to retain the pistol.

Retention Test
Turning a holstered pistol upside down is NOT a valid test for IWB holsters. This stand-alone retention is set to a lower level by design. When worn with a proper gun belt, the holster reaches full retention.

Slide Versions
A “Slide” version is an open-ended holster made to fit a series of frames. The open end allows longer barrel lengths to extend past the bottom of the Kydex. The body is made to fully cover the shortest in a series of frames all while securely holding longer length pistols of the same frame series. Click here to see more about our Slide version.


IMPORTANT NOTICE! We no longer offer Kydex Bodies for Generation 1 leather backings. If your MTAC was purchased between April to September of 2010, please read below.

Identifying Which Generation Backing You Have:
The Generation 2 backing was introduced in April of 2010 and fully implemented in September 2010. If your MTAC was purchased before April 2010, you have a Gen1 MTAC.The Gen1 sweat shield measures at 1.75"-2" across. The Gen2 has a wider sweatshield that measures 2.25" across.

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