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I received my infidel ultra this morning and I've been wearing it for about 4 hours. I was using a crossbreed super tuck and a Galco king tuk, they now have new homes in the trash can. Awesome prduct, super happy with it.
Jack Smurr
Just received an order of 3 International holsters and 4 double magazine pouches. Very happy with both the products and the service. Thank you Comp-Tac, awesome gear and great service.
Martin Le Roux
I just received 2 of the Comp-tac Kydex Contour Belts (1 brown, 1 black). All that I can say is WOW! I am a police officer and I mainly work in plainclothes/dress attire. This is the belt that I have been searching for! It holds my weapon (Glock 22 and Glock 27) securely and its rigidity ensures that my weapon stays put all day. On my weak side I carry a cuff/mag pouch combo and they stay secure. No more adjusting any of my gear. The belt is dressy enough to wear with a suit but casual enough to wear with a pair of jeans. The all day comfort and security can't be beat. Whomever invented this belt is a genius. In my 23 years as an officer, I have never come across such a great piece of gear. Your service was prompt and I will be a customer for life!
Michael Downs
I just received my International set up as a paddle holster with an FBI cant for my CZ SP-01 tactical and I must say that I am impressed not only with the quality and functinality of the holster but also with the way my order was processed and shipped. At all steps in the process, I knew exactly what was up. The holster exceeds my expectatioins for providing a snug fit (i.e. no rattles) while balancing safe retention with ease of draw. No sharp edges and a very comforable "paddle" make it an ideal holster for my needs. The fact that it can be configured with a drop offset as will as with belt loops makes it perfect. Very nice work, Comp-Tac! I will be a return customer.
Craig Foltz
What a pleasure to deal with. I created a little confusion with my order but Lisa was quick to straighten it out. I had two holsters and an extra shell made for a Kimber Eclipse(MTAC)IWB and a Springfield TRP (International) OWB. From order date to "delivery", nine days with two of those days being weekend days. Others want you to wait a minimum of 4-6 weeks. The fit and finish is wonderful. Exactly what I was looking for. Deal with the best, Comp-Tac and forget the rest. Overall rating, six stars from customer service to production and shipping. Thank you!
James Dion
first off. What a great bunch of people to deal with. All were more than willing to answer my question. Secondly what a great product. I ordered the infidel iwb holster. It far exceeded what I was expecting. Great craftsmanship. Your company has earned any and all future purchases from me. It's good to know that great companies like you still exist.
Todd Helfmann
I got the MTac holster for my H&K. I immediately started wearing this holster around the house for the rest of the night. All I can say is wow! It's an incredibly comfortable holster. It's a nice snug fit and the retention is perfect. My expectations have been exceeded and I plan on picking up another one for my 1911 next. Thanks for a great product!
Nick Millen
I have been wearing the Infidel for my Baby Glock 10 hours a day for week now and I can not find one thing to complain about. Easy on and off with one-hand reholstering. Very comfortable to the point I have to check every so often to make sure I am still carrying. Great customer service also. Things started a little rocky but D.W. rectified the situation with ease and confidence. Once again, a great American company with a great product and customer service. I will definitely shop here first if the need to should ever arise for another holster.
W. C.
Love my Ultra Infidel with the belt clip for my S&W Shield. Most comfortable and easy to use holster ever. Easy to put on, take off and re-holster with. Solid retention with perfect protection of the trigger.Leather back is super comfortable. I wear it every day, all day. Sitting, standing, driving. Perfect. I also have a Comp-Tac OWB paddle holster for a Glock 35 Gen 4 and a twin paddle pouch. Both work great!
K. M.
Infidel Ultra. Glock 23. Inside the waist band. Wow! Superior holster from comfort, concealability, and price. Absolutely 100% satisfied with comp-tacs service and quality of products. Highly recommend this company's products. Thank you COMP-TAC!!
Philip Lewis
I bought my first holster from Comp-Tac suggested by a close friend who had bought and worn many holsters and was instantly impressed by the professional and courteous customer support. They completed my order and had it shipped to me well before estimated delivery. The moment I put it on I knew I had bought my last holster. I fall asleep wearing it and drive long trips without any discomfort. When my Minotaur Spartan was stolen I went and ordered another the next day. Some lucky bastard is wearing one of the best holsters around ! I tell everyone who shoots or carries to go to Comp-Tac
Ian Pryce
I also wanted to comment on my new Infidel. I picked up the no-frills version for my Ruger SR9C... LOVE IT! I was not sure about going without the backing like the ultra... for a gun this size, it works our really well.
Sean Young
After wearing my Kydex Reinforced Contour Belt for 5 months, one of the buckle holding screws loosened and fell out. I contacted Comp-Tac and they quickly mailed a replacement. No questions asked, no hassle, just great customer service! I'm a 5'7" tall female, size 34 belt, IWB carry. I love the contour fit. Great product!
Terry Brasher
Comp-tac people esp. Lisa, I got my Glock holster today. Thank you. After I screwed up the 1st order, all of you were very gracious about making sure I have the right one. The Glock 34 fits perfectly as does the one for My M&P Core. I will Call again as soon as my Glock 42 is in my hands.
Jim Sauer
After several happy weeks of use, one of the screws holding the belt clip onto my Comp-Tac Minotaur Neutral (Appendix Carry) Cant Holster fell out. I contacted their customer support about buying a replacement hardware package, but Lisa H. said they'd mail one out at no cost! The first one ripped in the mail and arrived without the hardware and she sent another. I used Loc-Tite this time, and it's good to go. Can't speak highly enough of this company and the care they take of their customers. Many thanks.
I have 2 CTAC's a minotaur a 2 O'clock and 2 paddle holsters. I don't care for the 2 o'clock due to carry position. These are great holsters. The CTAC's virtually disappear and are extremely comfortable. I just ordered an Infidel for my M&P 45.
Brian Keane
Received the Infidel ultra as a christmas gift. Like the holster very much.Looks very nice and wears great. Cant tell im wearing it.As a big guy im surprised to even be able to carry iwb.This holster makes it possible.
Tito Colon
I bought an M-Tac after being unsatisfied by the M-Tac's main competitor. It wasn't a bad holster but it just didn't do it for me. I ordered the M-Tac and was blown away! First Comp-Tacs customer service is amazing. They are so nice to talk to on the phone (they're actual Americans) and they stand by their product. The first M-Tac I received didn't fit right so they were more than happy to send me a second one free of charge! The rep on the phone was even nice enough to make sure I had a backup in the down time. Also there is no waiting with Comp-Tac. When I bought the competitors holster I had to wait for 4-5 weeks to get the holster. Comp-Tac had it to me in 2 days (even tho I only paid for standard shipping). I cant say enough about Comp-Tac and their products. If your on the fence about any holster of theirs please get it, you will not be let down. In this day and age its refreshing to find a company that truly cares about making a great product and customer service. Plus the holster is the best Ive used. Ive had it on for just about 10 hours today as I write this and I havent had to take it off or adjust it once. Really a top notch product. Thank you Comp-Tac
Sam Montes
Received my Infidel Holster today. I've been wearing it all day (9 hours straight) and totally forgot I had it on!!! Now that is total comfort!! Ordered it for my M&P Shield is perfect. Thank you for a great product. Will share withal my friends.
Roger Stundahl
I just received my Infidel holster for a H&K P30, and it is perfect.You offer a great product and hardly any wait time at all, thank you.
Timothy Brett
Just received my third holster from you guys, what a surprise to find it in my mailbox already! This is my second Infidel, this one for a 3.8 XDm, what a perfect fit. I really like the finer finish on the kydex compared to my older one and the new belt clip is such a great improvement! I see I need to get another for my older Infidel, I was a little hesitant looking at the pictures but it works so much better, even on my ancient super thick Dillon belt. Thanks! Michael Starmer
Michael Starmer
nice and realy match holster with my baby glock. good finishing, meanwhile i'm surprised, the clip made also from same material, not from some kind of metal... but it is strong enough. all around i'm satisfied with this stuff...
Wiyanda Andriansyah
I am deadly accurate with my Glock 19. However, I am of realtively small build to be carrying and attempting to conceal this gun. Have tried all of the mouse guns which I can conceal very well, but am not accurate with them including my Ruger LC9. This provided a great dilemma of whether to carry something that gives me false comfort in a tactical situation, or to carry a pistol I know I can be seriously accurate with. The Comp-Tac holster does the job. It is possible to tuck the shirt in with this holster but you are probably going to end up having to wear your shirt out. I wear it on my hip at 4 O'clock and can easily sit down etc. and feel perfectly comfortable. I know this holster is more expensive than some of the others I have looked at, but when you add up ALL of the other ones you have purchased, you realize you could have started with this one first and saved money. The other thing I realized is that a holster has to be considered part of the gun. You've got to have both that work together. Everything was shipped ASAP with no problems.
Bill Patterson
For the longest time I was recommended the Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC, but I always defended my Crossbreed Super Tuck. When I found out that Comp-Tac was based in my hometown of Spring, Texas, I HAD to try one out. It blows Crossbreed out of the water, on all points - fit/finish, comfort, adjustability, etc. (I've also tried Tucker, TT, Raven, and DM Bullard, and I still put Comp-Tac at the top.) Perhaps the best feature of the Minotaur MTAC is the fact that you can swap out the Kydex body for most any common pistol! And you don't have to wait 3 or 4 or even 6 months, like many other holster companies. Comp-Tac clearly states their current wait time on the home page, and it's usually just a few days. Customer service is always a pleasure to work with over the phone or email. I can't say enough good things about Comp-Tac. I recommend them to everyone.
Alex Ong
Your belt is GREAT!! I purchased a Kydex Reinforced Contour Belt Tapered from 1.5" to 1.25" and I have to say it is the most comfortable belt I have ever worn, worth every penny and then some! I normally wear size 42 pants but for IWB carry I buy pants 2" larger at 44"; I bought the 46" belt which seems just right. Excellent Job Comp-Tac
Tony Ferrante
This holster is awsome.It has the comfort of the dual clip M or C Tac with the luxuary of being taken on and off alot easier. Also if you watched the review on youtube where the guy complained about the clip alowing the whole holster being drawn, when drawing the pistol,without modification, they have fixed that. Their new clip design locks on to my 1.5 in. 5/16 thick belt perfectly. Bought a few holsters along the way, this is by far the best, and I see no need to look for better ,I love it. Now all I need are a few extra shells to attatch for other pistols I have. Dont hesitate to get this!!!
I have to add my $.02. I recently purchased a Glock 27 with CT laser grip, and found that I had hardly any choice of concealable holsters. I found another Kydex company, which was given rave reviews about their products, so I gave in and bit the bullet, so to speak. Boy, what a waste of good money. Luckily I found Comp-Tac, and fell in love with the Infidel Ultra. Once I received the holster, I was sold on this great company. Now that I bought my new S&W M&P, I have my new Infidel Ultra on the way! If you are wondering if you should buy Comp-Tac, don't wait another second!
Terry B
I have a drawer at home full of holsters that I bought hoping one would be the perfect one only to find them each a disappointment. I found this store while surfing the net and decided to give it a try. I bought the paddle holster for my Kimber Ultra Carry and the very first time I tried it I fell in love. I carry my pistol every day in this holster and will NOT use anything else. Thank you for such a great product.
Cecil G. Daniel
Got my Minotaur M-TAC about 6 months ago for my Sig Sauer P226. Also picked up a replaceable kydex body to fit my Springfield XDS. Waited this long to post my testimonial to be absolutely sure the were no negatives with this holster. After wearing it and weapon nearly everyday since it was delivered to my door, I cannot come up with even one complaint. Friends always ask how I can conceal and comfortably wear my P226 everyday, and my response has been and always will be "Comp-Tac makes it happen." Thanks again for such a quality product!
Patrick Myers
I just recently purchased the CTAC IWB lightbearing holster for my Glock 22c with the TLR-1s light. This is BYFAR the MOST COMFORTABLE IWB holster I have ever owned. Being that the G22c is a full-size firearm it takes quite a bit to conceal and this holster exceeds any expectation anyone could have for it. If you are on the fence for any reason, with out a doubt, I would trust my life on the protection this holster can provide for my weapon and myself. A+++++ in my book. Will never buy any other IWB holster ever again. Eau Claire, WI
Jake Fricke
During my time in a very "interesting" place, Gregg and his team took very good care of my holster needs. I own several. You manufacture top quality equipment that works extremely well in a very demanding world! Thank you.
Ross Botha
I purchased the Minotaur MTAC on the recommendation of the staff at my local rental range. Purchased it as my first holster for IWB CC and did not know what to expect from the holster or (legal) CC. I'm trilled with this product. I wet the leather and it formed very nicely to the contour of my Glock 19 (not necessary, but I'd suggest it). I really like the adjustable draw angle and resistance and found that at a lighter resistance the holster retains the Glock flawlessly but does not try to tug upward with the gun while drawing. Perfect. Extremely comfortable to wear and I've now done a bunch of hiking with it and barely notice it's there. Easy to adjust ride height to minimize printing for your clothes. Make sure you use this with a good gun belt (I have a leather 1.5"). I got it with the standard black belt clips and they hold the holster to your belt very will without being noticeable. Very easy to tuck your shirt with this holster if you need to, though it will of course slow your draw some. Highly recommend the Minotaur MTAC for your primary daily IWB CC holster. Thanks Comp-tac.
Zach Billings
So impressed with my Comp-tac international setup that I bought an Infidel IWB for my Shield. Excellent quality and carries well. Best investments yet. Thanks
Skip Vedell
Infidel-Browning Hipower CTAC-Ruger LC9 MTAC-FN 5.7,Glock 36, Springfield XDs Mag pouches for all models. Surefire Flash light holder. Superior IWB holsters, EXCELLENT customer service. Box of old holsters in closet....enough said.
Roger Funk
Just want to say how impressed I am not only with the excellent quality and craftmanship of the international but how quickly you were able to construct a holster for my CZ75B SA. I really enjoy the modular system as it allows me to select the correct application for my specific needs. After test fitting with a few minor screw adjustments the holster fits like it is part of the gun. I like the safety feature of having to pull the gun into your body for release so it cannot be grabbed by another individual. With the drop offset draws are lightning fast and re-holstering is easy. This is an outstanding product that beats everybody else by a mile especially your incredible turnaround time. Ordered on 29 Oct and was in my hand 1 Nov.
Skip Vedell
Most my holsters are from another well known kydex holster manufacturer. I just acquired a Comp Tac paddle for my M&P Pro. Wow! It won't be my last. I shoot IDPA, a good holster makes for good scores. Take Care Bob
Bob Bonenfant
Thanks for supporting the ProAM! I used a comp-tac holster and placed 4th in the Pro Limited match.
Shaun Hopkins
Hi there, I recently purchased one of your belts, and have been extremely satisfied with it. So much so, that I ordered one for my dad for his birthday. I put a message on there that said, "Happy birthday, dad," and you folks put a nice note and a treat for him in there. Very much appreciated. Thanks!
Jered Van Tuyl
Hands down the best paddle holster period. I love the simplicity of a paddle holster and being a one piece I don't have to worry about losing my TRP Full Rail. Fast draw great retention which I can adjust, I will get a paddle holster for my M&P VTAC from Comp-Tac as well.
Derald Wise
I received great assistance, via email, from Mr. David Wisby. He responded to several e-mails from me, almost immediately! Without his help, I might not have gone through with this purchase
James Wathen
Thank you for your superior products. I have made several orders with your company and have always found your products to be of outstanding quality. -John Krok
John Krok
Your product looks great, Thank you in advance!
Jeff Grayzone
You guys are awesome! Thanks, Corey
Corey Byrd
Thanks for sending the notice my holster guys are awesome and I love your times have improved about 2 seconds over a conventional holster....that's HUGE....thanks again for a great product and great customer service
Greg Horlick
Many thanks for quick and accurate production / shipment! Yesterday I've received your product: holster is perfect, quality is excellent. I’m happy about it. Positive WOM is guaranteed! :) Have a nice day!
Sergey S
Love your guys product. Keep up the good work!
Evan Williams
Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome holster, got a new belt so I need some matching clips. Keep being awesome!
Christian Oaksford
Ordering from Afghanistan for my return home in 6 weeks!
John Zetterman
I got 2 of these for my USP Compact .45 and they are the best mag carriers I have found. Can't wait to get these for my Glock!
Hugh Peterson
I ordered this same holster a few weeks back and loved it so much that it is now permanently mounted on my USPSA Single Stack rig. This one will now be used for IDPA :) You guys make a great product. Oh, thanks for the Smarties, they were delicious!
Erick VanHaaster
Thank you!!!!! Happy to support a Texas company!!!
Jared Michaelson
I love it! I own a hybrid holster from every company on the market just about, and nothing is as sure a fit at my comp-tac. It is always there, when I jog or run, minimal bouncing and never sliding, I will be making future orders, until I have one for every gun I own.
Ben Long
Well first I must thank the people at Comp-tac for this great holster and quick delivery. I was on the fence about IWB holsters for my Walther PPQ because there are so few companies producing holsters for this model at this time but I'm glad I chose the Infidel for the purpose of off-duty carry. It is no nonsense, very well put together and makes carrying a compact on the larger side, very comfortable. Thank you very much. P.S. thanks for the candy too. Made for a more pleasant walk back from the mailbox :)
Phil Reynolds
As a long time owner of several pieces of Comp-Tac gear, I wanted to share this with you. I recently moved from Raleigh, NC to Dayton, NV and had not been able to shoot competitively for over 6 months. I took the occasional afternoon at the firing range, but nothing substantial. I decided my first competition here in Nevada would be a Head-To-Head Bowling Pin Shoot. I have never competed Head-To-Head, and did not expect to fare well at all. Using my Glock 34, Atlanta Arms 147 grain Team Glock Loads, Comp-Tac Belt Holster and Comp-Tac Twin Mag Pouch, I was able to place first in my class. Thanks Comp-Tac, you do indeed provide Top Quality firearm accessories.
Cory Coughlin
I received my Infidel slide holster and it fits my Glock 19 and 26 perfectly. I got the belt clip but i may buy the belt loops for it also. Thanks for the promp service that i received after ordering the holster. I have a leather holster for my Rugur LCR pistol and like it. Was going to order a leather holster for my Glocks but decided to go with the Infidel because of its size. I wasn't sure i liked the kydex belt clip but it seems to be ok. It holds both Glocks in place while wearing the holster. It is also easy to put the holster on and to take it off. Thanks for the Smarties. The people at Comp-Tac were very polite and helpful whenever i had a question about the holster. Will keep Comp-Tac on my computer for future needs. I couldn't have gotten a better holster for my guns, keep making the great products that you produce.
Wayne Naugle
I just received my infidel holster today and I love it! It's fits perfectly with my glock 26. I'll be coming back here for all my future needs. Thank you for the smarties!
Jerome Ireland
You definitely have it figured out: simple design, excellent materials, reasonable price...and it works, flawlessly. I'm referring to the paddle that I ordered for my PO-1. I couldn't be happier. It even stays put on jeans without a belt. (Maybe that means I need to lose some weight?) I sure could use one to fit my SR22 "plinker" - any idea when one will be available? Thanks for your great product and service. I look forward to another roll of Smarties in the near future!
Paul Hawthorne
I only use leather for holsters but have never found a mag holder that comes close to your double mag holder for my 1911 mags. I've been using one of yours for years and it finally broke (hard use on my part). I'd forgotten where I got it, and was bumming pretty hard until I found your name on it and pulled up the website. I immediately ordered and will never us another 1911 mag holder. My Wilson Combat mags fit perfectly, securely but easily drawn. I especially love the clip on aspect as my holster is alway mounted but the mag pouch is placed on the belt as I dress. Great design.
David West
I very rarely feel strongly enough about a product to bother with a review, with that said this is one of those very rare products that requires it. I recently purchased a CTAC holster for my Ruger LCR, I was very nervous about purchasing it because I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere nor had I had any experience with Comp-Tac. I have to say as soon as I opened it up I was extremely happy with it. It is made of good quality and fits the firearm like a glove. I love that its adjustable to depth in the waistband and it was made for the thinnest profile possible. By far the most comfortable holster I have ever owned and I can easily forget I even have it on. Great customer service, and excellent quality products, this will definitely be the first company I turn to for any future holster needs (An LCR paddle holster probably wont be far off).
Greg Fribley
I use Comp-Tac for all of my competitive pistol holsters and pouches. The fit and quality for my 1911 is perfect. I wouldn't have thought that my draw times would have improved as well as they did from going from one holster to a Comp-Tac, but I have seen a definite improvement on a consistent basis. I have tried several different brands of holsters from "quality" manufacturers, and Comp-Tac has been by far the best. I will not carry anything else other than a Comp-Tac holster or mag pouches ever again. Comp-Tac has made a customer for life.
Eric Wilson
Exceptional customer service, and exceptional quality holster. Couldn't be happier with my buying experience. My minotaur holster is by far the most comfortable and functional concealed carry holster I have ever used. Thank you, and keep up the great work.
John Hedrick
Excellent quality and fast service - a winning combination. Your holsters are all I use. Belt model for USPSA Limited and Production (set to fit a Glock 24, but I also use it with my 34 and 17), and a Paddle model for IDPA (set to fit the 34, but also fits my 17). I love my holsters so much, that I just ordered the same combo (Belt and Paddle) to compete in Single Stack (USPSA) and CDP (IDPA). Thanks for the excellent products, and the excellent service!
Erik Kopp
I purchased a Minotaur Neutral Cant IWB for my CZ Compact on Black Friday and was very impressed with the quality. I recently purchased a Ruger LC9 and was hoping to get another Minotaur IWB for it. Unfortunately the MTAC or Neutral Cant wasn't available due to shape/size of the LC9. I was told that a CTAC was available, so I thought I'd give it a try. I am happier with the CTAC than I am with my Neutral Cant IWB. It wears great! I sometimes forget that I have it on! I wear it all day . . . everyday! Thanks for all the help your staff gave! Great job!
Roy Poag
Just got the Comp-Tac Minotaur for my Glock 30sf. All I can say is wow!! It fits like a glove and rides like a dream. Finding a lefty holster ain't easy, finding a good one is a needle in a haystack. Glad I found you guys. OUTSTANDING!!!
William Wise
I just purchased a left hand, 5 inch 1911 belt holster. I am extremely impressed by the quality. I purchased this holster primarily for IPDA competition. It is fitted so well and the materials are so superior, that it permits a very quick draw, and yet it is built in such a way as to permit solid retention when on the run etc. I cannot figure out how it manages to do both so well. I was also extremely impressed with the service. It was delivered to my house in less than a week. As a left hander, this is very unusual. First, it is hard to find left handed gear, and then when you do, there is ordinarily an extensive wait while the item is custom built. Great job Comp Tech.
Michael Smidt
I recently purchased as IWB slide holster for my 1911 and one of your 1.5" kydex-reinforced gun belts. Let me just say that both products are absolutely awesome. As someone who regularly carries a concealed firearm both of these products lived up to their descriptions on the Comp-Tac website. Shipping was fast too. I look forward to purchasing another holster and belt (and a magazine pouch) from you in the not to distant future. Thank-you again
Tyrus Moulder
I just purchased a Minotaur Gladiator and an MTAC and I love them both. I love being able to walk off the street in to IDPA matches with my only match setup change being the downloading of my mags. The gear IS that comfortable. It IS that fast. Comp-Tac is the best holster company P E R I O D This testimonial page is a quickly growing list of lifetime customers. Keep up the great work.
Mike Onsgard
I purchased a MTAC holster for my Glock 23 about a month ago. I am really impressed with the quality, comfort and concealabiliy. I just bought a couple of belts with velcro lining and the velcro tabs. The belts are high quality and the fit is right. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully when measuring belt size. Both orders shipped promptly and were hassle free. I am very pleased with my selections and look forward to buying more products from Comp-Tac in the future.
Jim Greenwald
I bought a MTAC Holster for my Glock 26 and a Kydex Reinforced belt from these wonderful people. After about a month of wearing I can say without a doubt all my future holsters will be bought right here. If you are in doubt, just buy it. I am listing all my other holsters for sale on Ebay. Many thanks folks and keep up the good work!
George Strohl
I ordered one of your Kydex paddle holsters and single mag pouches on Black Friday and received my order the following Wednesday. Perfect fit for my Glock 19. Great customer service! Great Product! Comp-Tac rocks!
Robert Dominguez
i ordered a mtac mintaur holster on black friday and recieved it the following thursday. i am very happy to say after spending lots of money trying to find a holster that conceals and fits me the way i was hopeing the mintaur is the holster and the search is over. who would of ever thought finding the right holster could be so hard and expencive. well now i have a box of holsters to sell. thank you for a great holster and my wife said her and our bank account thanks you also lol.
robert dicarlo
I purchased your comp tac minatoaur concealed holster, my brother and i both bought them he carry's a sig and me an xd9 and i must say you guys make it possible to carry my gun 24/7 anywhere with great concealment and most of all it's comfortable. I will b ordering a concealed mag pouch soon and hope it is as comfortable as the holster but i don't see that being a problem great place to buy from and speedy service.keep it up guys
Ryan Knoll
I ordered one of your kydex reinforced leather belts. It is very comfortable and can support a heavy firearm all day. It does look nice but I would have liked to see the edges smoothed and sealed (black). Hopefully you will start doing that on future belts. You have excellent customer service that goes the extra mile. Great support staff!
Derek Morrow
I have used your products for several years off and on. I now carry my Glock daily in your paddle holster. This is a great holster and is very comfortable. I have used other paddle holsters, but none compare to yours. Thanks for a great product!
Jim Vanover
I received my MTAC yesterday, just one week after placing the order. I am delighted with the holster. I put it on right away when I got home from work and wore it throughout the evening. It was comfortable and my wife did not even realize I was carrying my handgun; even after I pointed it out to her. If it hadn't been for her finally noticing the clips on my belt, she may not have believed it even then. Thank you for the great product and the great service. I will be recommending your products to my friends.
Scott Brader
Hands down the best paddle hoslter I've used. Your attention to detail shows! Rides very close to the body! Thanks
Jeff Ruckle
After several years of spending way too much money on custom holsters for CCW (primarily high dollar custom leather), I finally did an inventory of the proverbial "holster box", to give myself an honest, real world idea of what really worked best for my needs. As far as retention, concealability and comfort are concerned, the Comp-Tac paddle works just as well, for me, as those high dollar custom holsters, without the high cost, nor the wait time. Just ordered two more paddles, for my Glock 20SF and Glock 39.
Matt Schubert
You guys are great! Just got my new pride and joy Springfield XDM 9mm 5.25". Before I picked it up, since it is a new model I checked for holsters. Your company was the only one that offered them. I ordered the belt model and a magazine pouch. Both were in my hands in an amazing four days from order. Highest quality, perfect fit and expertly adjusted out of the box. And all at a very reasonable price. You have earned yourselves a new loyal customer. Many thanks!!!
Richard Vanderveer
Great service ,great holster!!!!
Tony Wallace
After doing extensive research for IWB Holsters I found Comp-Tac. I ordered the CTAC and am very pleased with it; it was made quickly and shipped out even quicker. I also was very impressed at how friendly and personable the company is (they even sent Smarties with the order!). I don't think I've ever ordered from a more friendly company. So I will definitely be coming here for future holster needs and will be telling others to buy from Comp-Tac!
Tim Yoder
After using Safariland products in practical shooting competition for over 20 years, I was introduced to Comp-Tac products by a fellow competitor. I was so impressed by the fit and finish of your producrs that I ordered a belt holster, magazine pouches with Tek-Lok and a custom manufactured belt from your company. Far and away your products were the finest quality products I've ever purchased. The draw speed and retention characteristics of your holster and mag pouches are first rate and the delivery time was the fastest I've ever encountered. The Smarties candy and smiley face on my invoice were pleasant touches as well ! Thank you for offereing such fantastic products and service. I look forward to competing in 2012 with my new Comp-Tac gear.
Chuck DiSalvo
I, like most handgun owners, have a box of holsters that I spent a ton of money on and do not use anymore for various reasons. I purchased a paddle from Comp-Tac for the XD9 subcompact (I believe you were one of the first to make them) several years ago and that is the holster I use every day! No rattling or loose gun. It's so much more comfortable and I love the one piece design!! Great quality! Just some feedback from a happy customer.

Keep up the great workmanship and customer service!


P.S. I hope to get another quality paddle for my Kimber Ultra Compact next!
Scott Lippold
Great products, glock 17 Belt holster , 6 pack shotshell Holder, AR mag belt clip, tek-lok mag pouches for glock17. Only issue is with cheap aftermarket glock mags such as KCI, Thu don't fit in the mag pouches as easily. They fit But quite a bit tighter even with adjustment screw loosened.
George lawrence
I have used the infidel holster to carry my Glock 20 and HK USP 45. Being that I am 5'11 and 290 lbs, people do not notice that I am carrying. Even with both guns, as big as they are, go unnoticable. Comp-tac makes a great product for someone my size.
Alex Rodriguez
Perfect fit for my Para USA 14-45 high cap 1911. Tried other holsters and were too tight for the wide frame Para. Great job CompTac!
Phillip Ragio
I have been using your equipment for about 2 years now. I tried all the others too. All my other Kydex or other plastic type material holsters sit in a box. I have come to take the Comp-Tac holsters and mag pouches for granted because they just "work". I don't have to fiddle with them or adjust them or worry about retention or failure. When I grab my gear for the range, or the classroom, I grab Comp-Tac.
Greg Wight
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