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Thanksgiving Day Tips from Comp-Tac

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Preparing for your Thanksgiving day weekend? Comp-Tac offers some advice on holsters to wear during the holiday, ideas for the long weekend and a few every day carry tips to make your holiday a great one.
With Thanksgiving fast approaching there are a lot of items to cross of the To Do List. Buying food, cleaning house, stocking up for the big game are all things to keep track of in the next few weeks. But don’t forget the most important part of being prepared; your holsters options! If you conceal carry or just like to shoot there are plenty of gun related things to do around the Thanksgiving day weekend.

Holster Options for a Family Filled Thanksgiving Day

If you are getting ready to host or attend a big Thanksgiving day event you may be wondering what holster is right for this occasion. If the dress code is casual, we recommend the Infidel Max.  An all Kydex holster with a very small footprint is quick on and off and can be hidden with a shirt tail. Attending a more formal affair where tucking in your shirt is required? MTAC to the rescue! Comfortable leather and tuckability make this holster great to wear all day long and even comfortable enough to fall asleep on after all that Turkey!

Need Something To Do During the Long Weekend

International Are you the kind of person who likes to eat and scoot? Need something to get you out of the house? Consider going down to your local dealer's range and putting some rounds downrange after you draw from your Comp-Tac holster. The International Holster is perfect for heading to your local club match or just running down to the range to shoot a few paper targets on your day off. Add in some magazine pouches and your weekend just went from boring to awesome!

Every Day Carry WalletPrepared Beyond the Gun

Trojan Horse Long Gun CaseIf you conceal carry you are sure to have your firearm ready to go this holiday weekend, but have you considered options beyond the firearm? Consider the EDC Wallet, a perfect option to help avoid pickpockets if you are thinking of hitting those black Friday sales. A Flashlight Holder is a great way to keep some extra light handy if your oven light goes out or you need something to help you find that midnight pie. Finally, if you are planning a car trip consider picking up a Trojan Horse Long Gun Case; the best way to travel with your long gun unobtrusively.  

Whatever your plans are this Thanksgiving weekend please be safe, have fun and remember that Comp-Tac is thankful for you!


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