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Two O'clock Clip - Left Handed | Comp-Tac Victory Gear

We produce products for the most popular make and model pistols, S&W, Glock, Springfield, H&K, Sig Sauer and many more.  Please select your pistol from the Make and Model drop down!

This clip is designed for use with the Two O’Clock Holster- Left Handed.

Standard Clip:
The Two O’clock standard clip is a Kydex clip that slips quickly and easily over the belt. While wearing the standard clip a shirt can be tucked in over the holster under the clip and waistband making this holster easy to conceal.

The Two O’clock J-hook is the ultimate for concealment for the Two O’clock holster. The Kydex  J hook hooks over the waistband and slides underneath the belt gripping the bottom edge. The J hook has the same tuckability and only a small portion of the hook shows on the bottom of the belt.

(Not intended for use with The Infidel Holster)

If you are looking for a clip for a Two O’Clock Holster- Right Hand please click Here.


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