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Two O'clock Clip Right Handed | Holster Accessory | Comp-Tac

This clip is designed for use with the Two O'Clock Holster- Right Handed.

The Two O’Clock Clip is a “C” shaped clip that grips the belt at the top and the bottom. The belt must be fed through the clip while putting it on. These clips have less visible surface area showing making them perfect for concealment.  The Two O’Clock Clip works with all types of belts, and is also ideal for nylon belts or very thin belts. 

In addition the clip has five holes for personal adjustment.  This allows for adjustable ride depth. Designed for use with a 1.5" belt width.  This clip design also allows for your shirt to be tucked it!

Comp-Tac‘s Two O’Clock Clip is made of a durable yet flexible Nylon.  The Nylon is gentle on your belt, clothing and car seats yet strong enough to withstand over 10,000,000 flexes without failure.

If you are looking for a Two O’Clock Clip for a Left Handed holster please click Here.


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