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Shirt Shield V2 for Tourniquet TACO


The Shirt Shield V2 offers a varied design that has additional side protection. The side protection can be helpful for keeping the hook portion of many tourniquets away from clothing, car seats and other materials that might be damaged.

Features of the Shirt Shield V2

  • Comes with two longer screws to allow the Shield to be easily attached to the pouch
  • Made of 100% aircraft-grade Kydex® that will better resist sweat and other solvents that may cause deterioration
  • Comes in all the same colors as our popular Kydex® Tourniquet TACO®


**Please see Use and DIrections for more information regarding installation**

Dimensions: 2.5"L x .125"W x 3.25"H, .018 lbs Metric: .98cm x .05cm x 1.28cm, 8.5 g

To Install: 

Remove the Top Two Screws Holding the Clips to the body of the TACO®

Insert the Shirt Shield between the nylon backing and the body of the TACO®.

Insert longer screws through the washer, through the nylon through the shirt shield and into the Chicago nuts set into the body of the TACO®.

*** Recommended to treat screws with Blue Locktite® or clear nail polish to avoid screws becoming loose. 

Hand tighten. 


The Kydex Tourniquet TACO® from High Speed Gear on Vimeo.

To install, remove the top two screws holding the clips to the body of the TACO® and tighten.

***We recommend treating the screws with Blue Locktite or clear nail polish to prevent the screws becoming loose.***