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Infidel Max Clip Guide

Infidel Max Clip Guide
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Infidel Max Clip Guide

The Infidel offers many different kinds of clips. Learn how to change the clips and which clips offer what features.

Our Infidel Max Holster allows the user to choose from several different types of hardware for different carry options. It comes completely ready to use in your preferred configuration, however, it may be changed to any of the other mounting methods. All mounting options are available for our 1.5 and 1.75 inch belts, and for both right and left handed users.



The Infidel Belt Clip is a two pronged clip that slides quickly and easily over the belt. It may be combined with the infidel CTAC Strut for additional support.

The Infidel Belt Loops provide additional security by wrapping around your belt and snapping closed. May be combined with the Infidel CTAC Strut for additional support.

The Infidel CTAC Strut is a rear strut for the Infidel Holster used for extra stability and also provides a small amount of cant adjustment. It must be used with either the Infidel Belt Clip or the Infidel Belt Loops. This option can help distribute the weight of larger guns on the belt for more comfort.

In each case, the Infidel Holster comes ready for any of these options to be securely attached and put into immediate use. The hardware involved with each mounting option includes flat-headed hex screws, an Allen wrench, rubber bushings, T-nuts, and screw-head nuts.



With the Infidel Belt Clip, whether you have the slotted or solid-back style, the clip will be attached at the top, as shown above.

Step 1: Place the Infidel clip against the holster making sure that the clip is correctly positioned with the holes lined up.

Step 2: Attach the clip by putting the screws firmly back in place, passing through the clip into the holster.

Step 3: Be sure to only partially tighten the first screw before installing the second. Just like putting a tire on a car, tighten the tension screws in rotation, a bit at a time. This keeps the tension even and allows for alignment of the second screw.

The Infidel Belt Loops are similarly attached.



Step 1: Place the belt loops in a downward hanging position against the mounting holes. Loops will have to be unsnapped to allow the screw to pass through the loop backing.

Step 2: Begin replacing the screws. The screw will pass through the bottom part of the snap. If it sticks out or is uneven, it may prevent the snap from closing properly. Make sure your alignment is straight and that the screw goes in all the way.

For the CTAC Strut, you will remove the retention screws on the bottom left of the holster as shown below.




Step 1: Using the Allen wrench included in your order, remove the screws indicated above. The washers should also come away cleanly once the screws are removed.

Step 2: Place the strut inside the holster, between the rubber bushing and the inside of the Kydex on the screw end of the assembly. The T-nut and bushing should not be moved.

Step 3: Make sure that the strut is correctly positioned to align both holes with the retention screw assembly so that it will hold your holster at the correct angle. Attach the strut by putting the hardware firmly back in place, passing through the clip and the holster.

Step 4: You will need to adjust the holster retention during this operation to ensure proper fit. Depending on the thickness of the strut, you may need to trim a bit off the bushing.

When adjusting your holster’s retention remember:
Step 1: Check that the holster is the correct model for your gun.
Step 2: Ensure that your firearm is UNLOADED.
Step 3: Double check that your firearm is unloaded!



TIPS AND TRICKS: A light application of medium blue or yellow Loctite on the threads of the T-nut and screw will secure the hardware to the user-selected level of retention.

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