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MTAC vs. Spartan: What are the Differences

MTAC vs. Spartan: What are the Differences
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MTAC vs. Spartan: What are the Differences

What are the differences between the MTAC and the Spartan?

Many of our customers look at the Spartan holster and the MTAC holster and are not sure what the differences are. In one sentence, you can say that the Spartan a more economically minded MTAC.

The major difference between the two is that the MTAC backing is constructed with two pieces of leather so all the hardware is covered. The MTAC leather is also vat dyed and sealed. The Spartan is designed with one piece of unfinished leather, so the hardware is exposed on the back and the leather might soak up sweat and get dirty easier because it is not sealed.

Both the MTAC and the Spartan have adjustable ride depth and cant with adjustable retention. They are designed to be carried behind the hip at the 4:00 position. As well as being tuckable. Both have interchangeable Kydex shells, which allow you to have one holster for all your pistols simply by changing the shell.

With the Spartan you get meat and potatoes. With the MTAC you get filet mignon and truffled Yukon gold potatoes.

2 years ago