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What is a Slide Holster?

What is a Slide Holster?
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What is a Slide Holster?

What is a slide holster? See the explanation and photos showing what a slide holster can do for you.

We get asked quite often “Is it better to have the Slide version” on our holsters. While the Slide version may be great for some, it does have a few factors to consider by all shooters. Below are some explanations of these factors and answers.

Q: What is a Slide version?

A: The “Slide” version is term used by Comp-Tac to describe an open-ended holster; this model is made to fully cover the shortest in a series of slide lengths and allow longer slides to fit in the same holster.

Ex: Glock 9/40/357 Slide is made to fully cover a 26/27/28/33. Any of the other 9/40/357 caliber Glocks will fit into the same holster; however, the longer barrels will extend past the bottom of the holster body.

Q: How does the Slide version work?

A: A majority of our holsters are a Level I retention. There is a dimple on the Kydex that comes in contact with the trigger guard of the pistol once holstered. This dimple creates the tension for the weapon’s retention. The screws directly under the trigger guard area can be tightened or loosened to add or reduce the pressure put on the dimple. This allows the user to adjust the level of retention to their needs.

Q: When is it best to use a Slide version?

A: The Slide is primarily intended to be used for competition, range use, and for IWB holsters. See below for more detailed explanations of each.

We recommend the Slide version only for range or competition use! This is due to the day-to-day activities and increased chances of bumping the bottom of the muzzle against a chair arm, bucket seat, console, etc. We don’t think much about these day to day activities, like sitting in a chair, until the muzzle presses against the chair arm as you sit down. This can force the pistol out of retention. Without the gun being held in place by the retention, the pistol is then loose in the holster. This can lead to a very awkward and embarrassing situation in the least.

If you conceal carry an OWB Slide version holster, be aware of the exposed barrel and any objects that may accidentally push up on the muzzle.

The Slide version can be extremely convenient to use as one holster works different pistols. There are two things to keep in mind with an IWB Slide version. The first is being conscious of where your holster is positioned along your waistband. Make sure that your barrel won’t glide along a pocket stud and scratch the gun. Simply moving the holster over a bit will prevent any small surface scratches.

The second factor is range use and barrel heat. If you’re practicing at the range with your IWB holster, everyone knows that the barrel will get HOT. If you’re using a Slide version and the barrel extends past the Kydex/leather part of the holster, be careful when re-holstering to keep your buns safe.

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