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Comp-Tac News

Conceal your spare mag the new eV2 Mag Pouch!

Comp-Tac® recently released the eV2™ Magazine Pouch, a new inside-the-waistband, hybrid mag pouch, for customers who want to carry a spare mag in the appendix position.
11 months ago

MTAC vs. Spartan: What are the Differences

What are the differences between the MTAC and the Spartan?

Many of our customers look at the Spartan holster and the MTAC holster and are not sure what the differences are. In one sentence, you can say that the Spartan a more economically minded MTAC.

2 years ago

What is a Slide Holster?

What is a slide holster? See the explanation and photos showing what a slide holster can do for you.

2 years ago

How to Adjust the Retention on Your Holster

What to make your holster hold the gun tighter? Want it to hold looser? Read this article to find out how.
2 years ago

International Mount Compatability

The International Holster offers a modular mounting system which will work with Black-Tech Tek-Lok, Safarieland ELS and Blackhawk Quick Disconnect. See how to install all of these mounts.
2 years ago