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Check out the CT3™ Holster in the March Edition of Shooting Sports Retailer

Check out the CT3™ Holster in the March Edition of Shooting Sports Retailer
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Check out the CT3™ Holster in the March Edition of Shooting Sports Retailer

HOUSTON, TX – March, 15th, 2022 – Information about the CT3™, level III retention holster by Comp-Tac®, is included in the March edition of the Shooting Sports Retailer Magazine.


The CT3 Holster, first released in November 2021, has grown and gained in popularity over the past 5 months and now includes holster fits for 38 different weapon and weapon/light combinations. The most popular law enforcement brands are represented, and more brands have been added to include CZ, Glock, Heckler and Koch, SigSauer, Walther, SureFire, Sreamlight, Olight and Modlite.


“The response from the consumers on the CT3 and CT2 holsters has been overwhelmingly positive,” explained Gordon Carrell general manager of Comp-Tac. “Though Comp-Tac can handle any size order, our unique ability to tool up and produce holsters for different weapon makes and models, as well as different weapon mounted lights, makes it possible for many members of the law enforcement community to take advantage of opportunity to carry more varied firearms. Smaller departments who don’t need 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 holsters now have a place to come find holsters for their 50 or 100-man departments.”


Current List of Make Model Options Include:


CZ - P-10C + TLR1/HL

CZ - P-10C + TLR-7A

CZ - P10F

CZ - P-10F + TLR1/HL

CZ - P-10F + TLR-7A

Glock - 17 Gen5

Glock - 17 Gen5 + Olight PL2/Pro

Glock - 17 Gen5 + TLR1/HL

Glock - 17 Gen5 + X300U-A

Glock - 17/19 Gen5 + TLR-8A

Glock - 17/19 Gen5 + X300V-B

Glock - 17/22/31 Gen 1,2,3,4 + PL2/Pro

Glock - 17/22/31 Gen1,2,3,4

Glock - 17/22/31 Gen1,2,3,4 + TLR1/HL

Glock - 19/23/32 Gen1,2,3,4

Glock - 19/23/32 Gen1,2,3,4 + TLR-7A

Glock - 19/45 Gen5

Glock - 19/45 Gen5 + TLR-7A

Glock - 22 Gen5

Glock - 22 Gen5 + TLR1/HL

Glock - 22 Gen5 + X300U-A/B

Glock - 34 Gen5 + X300U/A

Glock - 34/35 Gen 1,2,3,4 + X300U-A

HK - VP9 OR Lever

Sig - P320 Compact/M18 + TLR-7A

Sig - P320 Compact/M18 + X300U-A/B

Sig - P320 Series (P320 Full Size, X-Five, Legion)

Sig - P320 Series + TLR1/HL

Sig - P320 Series + TLR-7A

Sig - P320 Series + X300U-A

SW - MP 4.25in 9mm .40 Pro CORE 2.0

Walther - PDP 4.5in

Walther - PDP 4.5in + TLR1/HL

Walther - PDP 4.5in + X300U-B

Walther - PDP 5in + Modlite PL350


The CT3 Level III Holster is designed so the user can deactivate the three levels of retention while maintaining their master grip. The intuitive thumb-release mechanism equals economy of motion, faster, more consistent draws and less training time.


The CT2-A™ Holster offers two levels of retention with an ejection port lock that automatically locks when the weapon is holstered along with friction retention. The CT2-H™ Holster uses both a hood and friction providing two levels of retention.


The CT3 Holster Line up has a variety of mounting and accessory options. Mounting options include drop offset, mid-ride belt, SQR (Secure Quick Release), PLM (Push-Button Locking Mount), adaptor plate for QLS system and a Kydex Single Point Drop Leg™.



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