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Comp-Tac® Releases Tri-Mag™

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Comp-Tac® Releases Tri-Mag™

HOUSTON, TEXAS – 6.29.2022 – Comp-Tac®  Holsters adds a three-magazine pouch holder to their mag pouch line-up, the Tri-Mag™.


The Tri-Mag is the simplest way to carry three magazines comfortably on the body. Designed with input from Rob Leatham, a 40-year professional shooter, the Tri-Mag offers users the ability to cant the magazines for the upmost accessibility and individual pouch retention adjustment. Each pouch on the Tri-Mag is designed with openings to provide more flexibility and speed when the magazine is deployed, even if it is twisted or turned during deployment. Plus, pouches are flared at the top for easy re-insertion of the magazine.

“Having Rob Leatham work with our team on the development of this magazine pouch was such an extraordinary experience. Rob’s understanding of the gear, both knowing it from using it, and his understanding of the materials and construction based on his own tinkering, made this one of the smoothest developments we’ve ever had,” explained Bill Babboni, chief operating officer of High Speed Gear. “The Tri-Mag just looks cool, and its expansive functionality will be a hit with all customers -- law enforcement officers, competitive shooters, and the everyday users.”


The ability to cant the magazines is what truly sets apart the Tri-Mag in comfort and functionality. The magazine pouches can be canted 20° to the front or 20° to the rear. A rearward cant helps the magazines sit straight up and down if the users belt sits at an angle due to the body shape. A forward cant will cant the magazines forward relieving stress on the shoulder if the user wears the magazines toward the back of their body.


To see a sneak peek of the Tri-Mag, watch the recent interview with Rob Leatham on magazine pouches -


The Tri-Mag is now available on the Comp-Tac® website.






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