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Comp-Tac's Rob Leatham Talks Magazine Pouches

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Comp-Tac's Rob Leatham Talks Magazine Pouches

Since becoming a Comp-Tac ambassador, Rob Leatham has shared information with the Comp-Tac team about what he looks for in a magazine pouch. Leatham, Gordon Carrell general manager for Comp-Tac, and Brian Luna manager of research and development for Comp-Tac, were able to get together on a video phone call to discuss magazine pouches and the ultimate wants and needs list.

Leatham’s body shape, arm length and competitive shooting needs gave the Comp-Tac research and development team a specific list of requirements when looking at building a fully functioning magazine pouch option. This interview sneak peeks a new magazine pouch design.

Interview includes information such as:

Sneak Peek at a new Magazine Pouch product by Comp-Tac
What a magazine pouch can mean to competition shooting
Reloading techniques and some of Leatham’s suggestions based on his 40+ years of experience

Check out the full interview Here

9 months ago