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High Speed Gear® and Phokus Research Group Achieve Immediate Success Revolutionizing Tactical Gear and Medical Solutions

High Speed Gear® and Phokus Research Group Achieve Immediate Success Revolutionizing Tactical Gear and Medical Solutions
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High Speed Gear® and Phokus Research Group Achieve Immediate Success Revolutionizing Tactical Gear and Medical Solutions

SWANSBORO, N.C. – August 14, 2023– High Speed Gear, a renowned manufacturer of top quality tactical gear, has instantly accomplished success with Phokus Research Group, a cutting edge research and development company specializing in tactical medical equipment, by joining forces to create state of the art medical kits. Phokus has implemented the use of HSGI’s revolutionary RAM Pouch, Med Pak, TRiK Bag, and Tourniquet TACO® within select medical kits, benefiting military, law enforcement, and first responder professionals worldwide. 

The collaboration between High Speed Gear and Phokus Research Group resulted in the development of an extensive range of advanced tactical gear solutions, incorporating state-of-the-art medical components seamlessly into tactical equipment. This integration has allowed for enhanced medical functionality while providing uninterrupted access to critical gear during high-pressure situations. 

The Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch is a versatile pouch with a quick deployment pull tab. Elastic loops on the interior secure a small med kit, including a CAT tourniquet, or other gear. A loop panel on the front allows attachment of hook-backed labels. The pouch can be mounted to either MOLLE or a belt.

The Med Pak is a mid-sized MOLLE mounted pouch featuring a quick-access pull-tab and customizable organization features. Ideal for medical, EOD, or various other supplies.

The Team Response Kit (TRiK) Bag is a full-sized "CLS" waist pack with a padded hip belt and user-centric organization features. It has 2 modes of use, either by opening the top flap to access supplies while wearing the bag or placing the bag on the ground and opening it fully to easily access all supplies. The zipper-stop straps prevent accidental opening. The TRiK bag can hold a variety of medical supplies.

The Tourniquet TACO is designed to retain most windlass tourniquets, such as SAM® XT, C-A-T®, SOF® TT, AND SOF® TT Wide tourniquets, on the market. It features a removable flap allowing covered or open-top use and a loop fastener panel on the front for label patches. This pouch is built to expand and contract like the rest of the TACO family to fit your needs and preferences.

The implementation of 100% USA made and Berry Compliant kits that are lighter, stronger, and more applicable than ever before allowing for more effective usage in all environments. These new medical kits can come outfitted with the most vital medical supplies needed for any situation, courtesy of Phokus Research Group. With the most trustworthy tactical medical supplies on the market being supplied by Phokus, the lifesaving capabilities of these new kits are profound. 

Chris Bush, CRO of Phokus Research Group, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, "We have sought after a company that makes long lasting, durable gear that we trust will perform in life saving situations. Teaming up with High Speed Gear has presented an incredible opportunity for us to design and manufacture innovative medical solutions that seamlessly integrate with tactical gear. Our goal is to provide mission-critical medical capabilities while ensuring ease of use and quick access to gear under extreme conditions. Together, we bring game-changing products to the market that exceed the expectations of the tactical community."

With the technical capabilities and applications of HSGI® products from industry leading designers, Phokus is able to supply their tactical medical users with the most up-to-date and efficient treatment kits on hand. The newly designed tactical medical kits prioritize organization in medical emergencies faced by the user. When the difference of seconds matter most, you can turn to these innovative new kits by HSGI and Phokus to have your back.


To purchase the medical pouches with the medical contents included:

AMP - Ancillary Medical Pouch (

ORK - Operator Response Kit (

TRK "Trick"- Team Response Kit (


To purchase the pouches on the HSGI website:

Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch (

Med Pak (

Team Response Kit (TRiK) Bag (



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