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CTAC Holster V2

As low as $65.00

The CTAC™ Holster was the first holster that Comp-Tac® created back in 1999. With some upgrades to our equipment and technology we were able to re-design the CTAC™ into the CTAC™ Holster V2 in 2021. The CTAC™ Holster V2 maintains many of the excellent original features of the CTAC™ Holster, with some excellent new additions to the design. 

Features of the CTAC™ Holster V2:

  • All-Kydex® Holster
    • An all-Kydex® body is a really nice feature for those who live in hot and humid climates because Kydex® does not absorb sweat. Why is that nice? For one, you don’t have to worry about a sweaty, sticky, stinky holster, but the best part is, if you do sweat you don’t have to worry about it soaking into the holster and damaging your gun. Not only is sweat bad for guns because is can cause rust, but the salt can cause corrosion or damage to the finish of the gun. It also goes both ways, you don’t worry about the oil or lubricant on your gun soaking through a holster and getting on your clothing.
  • IWB Wear
    • Makes it easier to conceal carry a weapon in lighter clothing. Want to wear your shorts and Hawaiian shirt? A CTAC™ can be hidden without tons of layers or outerwear.

  • “Thin” Design
    • The greatest thing about the CTAC™ Holster V2 is how thin and compact it is. Because the mounting clips are set on the side, this holster is only 1/8” bigger than the gun. This is the closest you will get to just “sticking a gun in your pants”

  • Belt Clips
    • The belt clips are attached to the holster with leather tabs. The leather tabs are flexible and will allow you to position the holster almost anywhere on the belt.
    • Two clips are great for larger guns because they help spread the weight of larger guns, but also great to keep smaller guns securely attached to the belt while getting dressed or answering nature calls during the day.
    • Shirt Tuckable! The design of the CTAC™ allows the user to tuck his or her shirt in over the gun and holster during wear. This makes the CTAC™ Holster V2 a great option for those who need to wear a button down shirt, or even a shirt/suit combo and still give them the ability to take their jackets off.
    • Ride height and cant adjustable. Set the holster at the right height to get your master grip, carry the holster anywhere from 3-5 o’clock
    • Clips can be changed. The CTAC™ comes with Standard Clips, can also be used with C-Clips, Thread-On Clips or Grip Hook Clips

  • Retention Adjustment
    • One of the most difficult things about IWB holsters is making the retention too tight you can’t get them out of your pants with the belt around them. The CTAC™ has retention adjustment to help users get the fit exactly as they want it.

Features added to the CTAC™ Holster V2:

  • Optics Compatibility
    • The CTAC™ is made micro-red-dot optics compatible so you can use your favorite micro-red-dot-sight

  • Narrower Width
    • The CTAC™ Holster V2 has leather tabs that attach differently than the original CTAC™. They attach directly to the body of the holster. This narrowed the footprint by over an 1 inch.

    • The CTAC™ Holster V2 comes in standard Black, but also Coyote Brown, OD Green, Wolf Gray. 

CTAC™ Holster V2 from Comp-Tac Holsters on Vimeo.

The CTAC™ Holster V2 is purchased with the Standard Clips attached.

Additional clips and styles can be purchased on our Holster Parts and Hardware page:

Standard Clip: A “P” shaped clip that slides over the top of the belt and hooks underneath. Holster may be put on while belt is already threaded through loops. Not recommended for nylon belts.

C-Clip: A “C” shaped clip that grips the belt at the top and bottom. The belt must be fed through clips while putting it on. These clips have less visible surface area showing during concealment. C-Clips work with all types of belts, ideal for nylon.

V-Clip: Clips slide over the waistband of pants and attach to hook on inside of belt. Holster attaches before belt is put on through pant loops. Velcro® Clips offer the highest level of concealment with no part of the clip visible outside of the pants. The loop is provided with these clips. The easiest way to attach this clip is to a belt with the loop already sewn on. Please see Kydex®-Reinforced Contour Belts for this option.

Thread-On Clip: The Thread-On Clip is a completely solid clip that the belt must be slide through when putting on. The Thread-On Clips are recommended for belts that are less than 1/4" thick.


Leather is natural product with unique characteristics that differ from hide to hide. Due to these differences shade and color variations are to be expected. This is not a fault or flaw in leather, Comp-Tac® uses genuine natural top-grain cowhide to make all of our Comp-Tac® leather products.
Returns/ Exchanges: Due to the cosmetic vulnerability of leather, Comp-Tac® reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee on any leather returns or exchanges that are deemed to be damaged or abused.

Comp-Tac® has a thirty day no questions asked return policy on products except for custom items. Shipping charges are not refunded. If you return your item for a refund, Comp-Tac® will process your refund in 7-21 business days. Colored Kydex® includes but is not limited to Red, Pink, Purple, Carolina Blue, LE Blue, Coyote Brown, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Wolf Gray and Basket Weave Pattern Black.

Comp-Tac® products are constructed to fit standard factory equipped guns only. Additions such as trigger shoes, extended slide releases, laser sights or any alteration to the frame or external dimensions of the gun itself may render the holster unsafe and increase the risk of an accidental discharge. At no time should a handgun other than the make and models of gun for which the holster is made be used in a Comp-Tac® holster. It is the user’s sole responsibility throughout the serviceable life of the holster to personally check for proper fit and retention with an unloaded handgun. If any Comp-Tac® product becomes worn, loose or ill-fitting with age, you should cease use immediately. Because HSGI® and Comp-Tac® have no control over how their holsters and/or accessories will be used, or who they will be used by after their purchase, we disclaim any and all liability for incidental or consequential damages to person(s) and/or property resulting from the use of any HSGI® or Comp-Tac® product, including wear on firearm finish.