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Comp-Tac Holsters makes a variety of magazine holders in the United States with a limited lifetime warranty. Comp-Tac creates magazine pouches in both Kydex plastic and leather. The pistol magazine pouches can be ordered for a single, double/twin, or quad configuration. Rifle magazine pouches are available in both a belt clip or Push-Button Locking Mount (PLM) design. Comp-Tac magazine pouches can be used for concealed carry, competitive shooting, or general range use.

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  1. Double/Triple Pistol Carrier
    Double/Triple Pistol Carrier
  2. Express Mag Pouch
    Express Mag Pouch
  3. Tri-Mag Pouch
    Tri-Mag Pouch
  4. Single Mag Pouch-Belt Clip
    Single Mag Pouch-Belt Clip
  5. Single Mag Pouch-PLM
    Single Mag Pouch-PLM
  6. Twin Mag Pouch Belt Clip
    Twin Mag Pouch Belt Clip
  7. Twin Mag Pouch Paddle
    Twin Mag Pouch Paddle
  8. Twin Warrior Magazine Pouch
    Twin Warrior Magazine Pouch
  9. Belt Feed Mag Pouch
    Belt Feed Mag Pouch
  10. Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Mag Pouch-PLM
    Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Mag Pouch-PLM
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