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Comp-Tac Holsters makes a variety of magazine holders in the United States with a limited lifetime warranty. Comp-Tac creates magazine pouches in both Kydex plastic and leather. The pistol magazine pouches can be ordered for a single, double/twin, or quad configuration. Rifle magazine pouches are available in both a belt clip or Push-Button Locking Mount (PLM) design. Comp-Tac magazine pouches can be used for concealed carry, competitive shooting, or general range use.

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  1. AR 7.62/.308 Mag Pouch
    AR 7.62/.308 Mag Pouch
  2. Pepper Spray Holder — PLM
    Pepper Spray Holder — PLM
  3. Pepper Spray Holder — Belt Clip
    Pepper Spray Holder — Belt Clip
  4. Speed Loader Holder
    Speed Loader Holder
  5. AR 5.56/.223 Mag Pouch-PLM
    AR 5.56/.223 Mag Pouch-PLM
  6. AR 5.56/.223 Mag Pouch-Belt Clip
    AR 5.56/.223 Mag Pouch-Belt Clip
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