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PCC PLM Magazine Pouch | Pistol Caliber Carbine

As low as $37.99

The Comp-Tac Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Magazine Pouch-PLM is an outside the waistband holder to carry a spare magazine for competition. The mag pouches are made of 100% Kydex® for the smoothest, fastest draw. The smooth low friction surface allows for a fast magazine removal and easy one-handed insertion of the magazine. The Kydex® mag body will not bend or stretch over time and is impervious to sweat and solvents. The Comp-Tac PCC Magazine Pouch-PLM attaches to the belt with the Push-Button Locking Mount (PLM). The PLM offers an exceptional balance of easy attachment and secure hold through a one-of-a-kind locking mechanism. By sliding the push button horizontally the attachment will lock securely. With 9 mounting holes, the PLM  is cant adjustable.  Made of high quality durable polymer nylon the PLM will withstand the most rigorous tests while continuing to be gentle on belts and clothing.


Features of the PCC Mag Pouch—PLM:

  • Magazine Bucket made of 100% aircraft grade Kydex® providing smooth magazine release/insertion
  • Aircraft grade Kydex® will not bend or stretch over time
  • Reversible Design allows the magazine to sit bullets facing rear or facing forward in the same magazine pouch.
    • Please see Use and Directions for Carry Side recommendations
  • Attaches to belt with Push-Button Locking Mount (PLM) 
  • PLM fits belts widths of 1.5" to 2.25"
  • PLM can be opened on a hinge for easy attachment and removal from the belt
  • PLM locks closed for 100% security on belt
  • Cant adjustable up to 270°


NOTE: These magazine pouches are reversible allowing the customer to carry their magazine with the bullets facing forward or rearward. If you order a Right Side Carry (Left handed Shooter) the retention screw will be toward the rear of the body when carried on the users right side.

For Size #28 - Sig MPX - Please Note


2rsc-lhd-bullet-forward-with-circle.jpg rsc-lhd-bullet-forward-with-circle.jpg rsc-lhs-drawing-mag-size-28.jpg lsc-rhs-worn-on-right-magazine-draw-size-28.jpg

Right Side Carry- Left Hand Shooter

Retention Works Best with Bullet
Face Forward

Left Side Carry- Right Hand Shooter

Retention Works Best with Bullet 
Face Forward

Right Side Carry- Left Hand Shooter

Bullets Face Forward- Not
Suggested Loading Technique


Left Side Carry - Right Hand Shooter 

** Worn on the Right Side of Body

Bullets Face Rearward- Most shooters
preferred loading technique


While all Comp-Tac Magazines accommodate the magazine fitting facing both directions - the size #28 fits belt with the bullets facing forward.

Comp-Tac recommends that customers order the OPPOSITE hand when ordering MPX Size #28 so that bullets will face rearward to provide best fit/draw/function. 


Comp-Tac® products are constructed to fit standard factory equipped guns only. Additions such as trigger shoes, extended slide releases, laser sights or any alteration to the frame or external dimensions of the gun itself may render the holster unsafe and increase the risk of an accidental discharge. At no time should a handgun other than the make and models of gun for which the holster is made be used in a Comp-Tac® holster. It is the user’s sole responsibility throughout the serviceable life of the holster to personally check for proper fit and retention with an unloaded handgun. If any Comp-Tac® product becomes worn, loose or ill-fitting with age, you should cease use immediately. Because HSGI® and Comp-Tac® have no control over how their holsters and/or accessories will be used, or who they will be used by after their purchase, we disclaim any and all liability for incidental or consequential damages to person(s) and/or property resulting from the use of any HSGI® or Comp-Tac® product, including wear on firearm finish.