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Double/Triple Pistol Carrier


The Uniform Pistol Carrier is made from aircraft grade Kydex making it durable with a sleek duty appearance. It is offered in 3 sizes, allowing for a wider range of mags per model. The bullets out design creates our slimmest footprint for two or three mags, which is the most efficient use of space. There are three points of adjustment for a dialed retention in each mag. It has a flared mag well and raised sweat shield for easier mag indexing. It comes shipped either with HSGI® universal clips, or a dedicated PLM belt mount option. It has a hole pattern that allows for diverse mounts and cants with
other Comp-Tac accessories.

• Aircraft grade Kydex
• Slimmest footprint for 2 or 3 mags
• Flared mag well
• Sweat shield
• Retention adjustable 
• Wider range of mags per model
• Shipped with universal clips or PLM belt 
mount option
• Hole pattern that allows for diverse mounts 
and cants with other Comp-Tac accessories


3.375” x 4.375” x 1.5”

3.6 oz
104 g
0.23 lbs.