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QB Q-Line Holster

As low as $50.00
C573-Q Line

Please see size chart in the Use and Directions tab for your make and model!

The Q-Line Holster Series, QB Holster, is an all-Kydex® outside-the-waistband holster perfect for general range use, competition or concealed carry. The QB™ has a quick on-off attachment and will work in any competitive shooting sport.

QB™ Holster Features:

  • All-Kydex® holster body for smooth, non-stick draw
  • Open-ended body for use with firearms of varying length
  • Retention Adjustment- allows user to set the retention of the holster for their firearms and carry needs
  • Ambidextrous multi-option mounting for left or right handed shooters also enables cant adjustment. The mounting holes are compatible with all industry mounting options for belt mount, MOLLE or thigh holsters
  • Funneled opening for easy draw and re-holster
  • Sight-enabled design- Accommodates up to .5” high night sights, suppressor sights and rear sight mounted optics
  • PLM™: Push-Button Locking Mount for fast, simple attachment to belts, easy to adjust belt width, locking button for worry free security and multiple holes for 270° cant adjustment
  • Approved for all competitive shooting sports: USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun 


Size 1

Glock 9/40/357 All Lengths (Not .40 Gen5) ,  Glock 41,  Glock 36
M&P 9/40/357 All Lengths (Not Shield)
Walther PPQ/M2 All Lengths, Q5 Match (Not Steel Frame)

Canik TP9 SFX

Size 2

Beretta APX

Canik TP9 SFE

CZ P07 P09, P-10 All lengths

FN FNX, FNS 40C/ 9L, 509
HK VP40, P30, P30L, P30SK, USP’s Full Size and Compact, P2000, 45 FS/C
Ruger SR9 Full Size and Compact, Ruger 5.7, American All lengths

S&W M&P .45s (Not Shield)
Springfield XD/ XDM/ Mod 2 All Lengths and Calibers
Glock 20 All Versions, Glock 40, G23/22/27/35 Gen5, G29/30 NR
Sig 250 All Variations, Sig 320 All Variations, Sig P226 All Variations,  Sig 229 All Versions, 220 NR
Taurus All .45 Millennium and Millennium Pro
Walther PPQ .45, Creed, PDP All lengths


Size 3

Glock 43, 43X, 43X MOS, 48, 48 MOS
Springfield XD-S
S&W Shield, Shield EZ-9
Walther PPS
Walther CCP
Ruger Max-9

Size 4

Springfield All Models Including TRP Half and Full Rail
Sig 1911s
All Mil-Spec


Comp-Tac® products are constructed to fit standard factory equipped guns only. Additions such as trigger shoes, extended slide releases, laser sights or any alteration to the frame or external dimensions of the gun itself may render the holster unsafe and increase the risk of an accidental discharge. At no time should a handgun other than the make and models of gun for which the holster is made be used in a Comp-Tac® holster. It is the user’s sole responsibility throughout the serviceable life of the holster to personally check for proper fit and retention with an unloaded handgun. If any Comp-Tac® product becomes worn, loose or ill-fitting with age, you should cease use immediately. Because HSGI® and Comp-Tac® have no control over how their holsters and/or accessories will be used, or who they will be used by after their purchase, we disclaim any and all liability for incidental or consequential damages to person(s) and/or property resulting from the use of any HSGI® or Comp-Tac® product, including wear on firearm finish.