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QD Holster


The Comp-Tac® QD Holster is a combination holster that allows for a safe and secure fit of multiple firearms. With only 4 sku’s this holster can accommodate up to 95% of the handguns on the market. The QD Holster is ambidextrous and concealable with IWB and OWB wear, all in one holster! It has a strong design and gentle edges to avoid damaging clothing or belts, and the retention adjustment screws provide the perfect hold for each user.

• Comes in four sizes, perfect for the user with multiple weapon options.
• Ambidextrous Holster
• Comes shipped with both inside and outside the waistband options.
• Retention adjustment screws provides perfect hold for each user.
• Strong design and gentle edges built to avoid damaging clothing or belts



Size 1

Glock 9/40/357 All Lengths(Not .40 Gen5) ,  Glock 41,  Glock 36
M&P 9/40/357 All Lengths (Not Shield)
Walther PPQ/M2 All Lengths, Q5 Match (Not Steel Frame)

Canik TP9 SFX

Size 2

Beretta APX

Canik TP9 SFE

CZ P07 P09, P-10 All lengths

FN FNX, FNS 40C/ 9L, 509
HK VP40, P30, P30L, P30SK, USP’s Full Size and Compact, P2000, 45 FS/C
Ruger SR9 Full Size and Compact, Ruger 5.7, American All lengths

S&W M&P .45s (Not Shield)
Springfield XD/ XDM/ Mod 2 All Lengths and Calibers
Glock 20 All Versions, Glock 40, G23/22/27/35 Gen5, G29/30 NR
Sig 250 All Variations, Sig 320 All Variations, Sig P226 All Variations,  Sig 229 All Versions, 220 NR
Taurus All .45 Millennium and Millennium Pro
Walther PPQ .45, Creed, PDP All lengths


Size 3

Glock 43, 43X, 43X MOS, 48, 48 MOS
Springfield XD-S
S&W Shield, Shield EZ-9
Walther PPS
Walther CCP
Ruger Max-9

Size 4

Springfield All Models Including TRP Half and Full Rail
Sig 1911s
All Mil-Spec