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Comp-Tac offers a wide variety of equipment for use by law enforcement officers or  military personnel. Working with our parent company High Speed Gear, Comp-Tac has been able to develop Kydex Handcuff TACOs, Kydex Tourniquet TACOs and other related equipment.  Offering more product designs, and adaptations helps us to create gear for use in many possible situations. Our Single Point Drop Leg Warrior holster is a way that we have been able to combine the Kydex manufacturing capabilities with the nylon products from High Speed Gear. We are excited to provide equipment for all customers in any situation they might encounter. 

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  1. Slick Handcuff TACO
    Slick Handcuff TACO
  2. Kydex Tourniquet TACO
    Kydex Tourniquet TACO
  3. Slick Kydex Tourniquet TACO
    Slick Kydex Tourniquet TACO
  4. Pepper Spray Holder — Belt Clip
    Pepper Spray Holder — Belt Clip
  5. Pepper Spray Holder — PLM
    Pepper Spray Holder — PLM
  6. Kydex Single Point Drop Leg
    Kydex Single Point Drop Leg
  7. Double/Triple Pistol Carrier
    Double/Triple Pistol Carrier
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